SNO Dashboard Design Update

Hey everyone!
Our SNO Team is working on new enhancements to the Storage Node Operator dashboard, and I’d like to introduce to you some new design layouts we have for:

  • Payout History
  • Held Amount History

Payout History

Here you can see payments overview by satellites for the past periods.

Toggling the arrow will open additional information.

Held Amount History

We have updated design for Held Amount History table.

What’s new:

  • First Contact
  • Total Held Returned
  • Total Held by Satellite
  • Held Returned by Satellite

Monthly breakdown of your withholdings

We are not deleting or removing anything.

Full payout page with changes
Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


4 decimals after point are misleading, please round it up to 2 decimals or make a switch that defaults to 2 decimals after point if you want to offer such a high precision in web dashboard.


Will this replace the current payout pages? And does that mean we’d lose information as to what the payout is based on? Download vs repair vs storage?

I agree about the decimal places. Perhaps you could display 2 and have more detail on mouse over.


Good work Storj dashboard team!
We always appreciate to see our payout information more clearly.
I love the design. Also as @BrightSilence wrote, I hope we will still be able to see other payout info.


I edited my post with a updated full payouts page, check it out! We are not removing anything.


Ok, that is absolutely awesome! Thanks for clarifying. Looks great.

As the lower part is a more detailed display of the top part, I’d say the higher detail in decimal points is warranted. I suggest making them consistent though. Say always displaying 4. The differences make it a little confusing to read.

Edit: now that I took another look I think the surge payout is causing the 5th decimal point to appear. It looks like it’s calculated against the rounded numbers. I suggest doing all calculations on the full precision of the actual data and only round to 4 decimal points on display.

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Yeah I totally agree about dp’s. I think that’s just my design mistake, in real dashboard we should have 4 decimal points. I will update these screenshots too, not to confuse.

UPD: Screenshots was updated

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Final payments should show link to transaction id on the blockchain.


What does 25% Rate and Surge 250% link to ?

I guess we should consider a new color for this :stuck_out_tongue:
Those are not links, I was just trying to highlight them, but it actually does look like something to interact, we will fix that, thanks for your feedback!

And I think that’s a great idea about links to transactions, thanks.

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One more question. Since surge applies to held amount as well, how do you plan on displaying that?

It doesn’t show up in this image.

Thanks for updating the screenshots for the decimal points btw, looks much better already!

Edit: Oh and I think the total should be 91.9113‬. Now both “After held” and “Surge 250%” are included for a total of 350% instead of just the 250%.

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Maybe all final payments could use green color and be bold while held amount is displayed red. :nerd_face:

Also columns Satellite and Paid could be sorted in asc or desc order under Payout History.

I would pick a different color as red is often used for negative numbers. I think design wise it would look better if bold and perhaps text size is used strategically instead of lots of different colors though.

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I was 50-50 on red too and I agree. Color is to bring attention so maybe non red/blue color for held amount.

@sytnik thank you for this update, and especially for the description of how the changes are displayed – its very much appreciated !

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That’s a good question :slight_smile:

Thanks man! That is really helpful, I get what you are saying. I think I’ve just misunderstood how surge works. I’m already working on updating this table to display where we are applying surge correctly.

I will update you guys on that as soon as I will finish.


Well I’ve had to tackle many of these questions for my earnings calculator. So happy to help where I can.

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Naive question here, will the held amounts be paid out at the storj token price rate at time of earning them or at time of payment ? :upside_down_face:

always at the time of payment

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great imporvements! all information is always wellcomed.

I find it difficult to interpret the arrows down and up to display the information.

I think it’s standard that it points to the right when folded, and down when unfolded.

As you see nothing too important

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