Some Bug or not bug that's the question


It is second time when i found my node like stoping

but if i open node dashboard working fine, logs also show tha all is ok.
But problem than i need to make restart to make it usable, like stop for mantanace or something.
and this last for long time.

@Vadim I have a similar issue, but unless I initiate stop it doesn’t stop. so whatever it shows for me it doesn’t matter. I go with the stupid theory if it doesn’t stop don’t worry. My scientific quote “If it is working don’t touch it”.

I had a similar issue with a docker setup. I initially thought it was because of slow connections, but it turned out, my system was IO-starved.

Hello Vadim,

Thanks for reaching out. I would like to get some additional information to be of help. Is storage node service being in stopping state all the time, or is it started recently after update? Do you use storage node updater service for automatic updates?(I see it is disabled on the screenshot, just want to make sure) Could you please check storage node logs for "Stop/Shutdown request received." INFO lvl log? Thanks!


i seen this behavor 2 times, first time last week and today on different nodes. I use my own updater. I wanted to clear logs, so started to stop node and it left in this position for long time.

in the logs it show all like shold be, like it stoped and started as usualy, but service show like stoping. I hope it is coexidence only. I found that my updater also tried to update it, without reason to same version.

It could be a reason - you could update the binary, but failed to restart, or restart took more time than expected but you replaced the binary without checking. But windows still keep the old version running.

Do you use svc.exe to manage storage node service in your updater? What happens if you stop the service manually in powershell / cmd? Does it stop gracefully or left hanging in Stopping state with storage node process still alive and observable in process manager?

first of all i found that my ipdater sheduler sometime go crasy, and try do stuff evry 100ms time to time.
now i changed it for thread sleep, will whatch how it will work.

I use Integrated posibilities to .net to controle service. i stop it, wait 5 sec and then make update, before i didnt had any problem with that. I think problem was in my sheduler, that try to update thing in paralel as timer trigered it befor previus update can end.

Dim sc As ServiceController = New ServiceController(node.ServiceName)
Log("Stoping: " & node.ServiceName)
Log("Updating: " & node.ServiceName)
My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyFile(My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath & “\storagenode.exe”, node.Path, True)
Log("Starting: " & node.ServiceName)
Log("Update complete: " & node.ServiceName)