Stat on unreliable on the last 2 days

It been like this for a while but the last 2 days, it go absolute nut.


Nothing i can do about, if the Sourcedata is wrong it gets wrongly displayed.


I shared your observations with the team.

Hi, the truth is: it started way back in 2024-04-02 07:25:29, only got stable for a while and then continue to fluctuate. If I was so bold, my guess is that - you run several SQL aggregated data queries against all satellite, and then put into a file and put on

So something is wrong with the database? I mean, you can crowdsource community wisdom to help incase like this…

I checkout Commits · storj/storj · GitHub and saw a lot of spanner keyword, are you planning to change database? It a vendor lock-in version of cockroachdb, could you share some thought?

It’s unlikely related to a database, more like to ingestion this data to the stat. I shared your question with the team.

Could someone please clarify why the satellites are consistently reporting inaccurate data? This issue seems to be persisting and potentially worsening over time. It’s not just affecting the stats site; even the node dashboard is experiencing significant problems. (I’m unsure if these issues are connected.) However, this unreliability reflects poorly on Storj, as it may give the impression that the system isn’t functioning properly.

A question that has been on my mind for a while now is, why are the unvetted nodes also showing negative values? Shouldn’t they display a positive value? Or could there be an error in the calculation?


It is possible that there could be a some bug in the rendering of the shared data, you can check the source:

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It seems that the official stats are missing sometimes.
If you check the data directly: then at the moment the us1 satellite is not listed, causing incorrect data on the grafana dashboard.
Earlier today when I checked, only saltlake returned data, eu1/ap1 was missing from the json

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Yeah, but why is the satellite missing? The data is really unreliable on the last months

“”: {
“bandwidth_bytes_downloaded”: 125230614376960,
“bandwidth_bytes_uploaded”: 608158998246144,
“storage_free_capacity_estimate_bytes”: 34247475344042708,
“storage_free_capacity_estimate_vetted_bytes”: 30445542995402750,
“storage_inline_bytes”: 25403807744,
“storage_inline_segments”: 22004128,
“storage_median_healthy_pieces_count”: 65,
“storage_min_healthy_pieces_count”: 51,
"storage_remote_bytes": 1015566156431360,
“storage_remote_segments”: 107144008,
“storage_remote_segments_lost”: 0,
“storage_total_bytes”: 1015591560239104,
“storage_total_bytes_after_expansion”: 2721306802995060.5,
“storage_total_objects”: 112654112,
“storage_total_pieces”: 7674289335,
“storage_total_segments”: 129148136
“”: {
“bandwidth_bytes_downloaded”: 252926911769088,
“bandwidth_bytes_uploaded”: 3088514837123328,
“storage_free_capacity_estimate_bytes”: 31160071105903290,
“storage_free_capacity_estimate_vetted_bytes”: 30332593732124132,
“storage_inline_bytes”: 96194666496,
“storage_inline_segments”: 88700968,
“storage_median_healthy_pieces_count”: 62,
“storage_min_healthy_pieces_count”: 51,
"storage_remote_bytes": 10871766964502528,
“storage_remote_segments”: 496029696,
“storage_remote_segments_lost”: 0,
“storage_total_bytes”: 10871863159169024,
“storage_total_bytes_after_expansion”: 28559368740789124,
“storage_total_objects”: 315279008,
“storage_total_pieces”: 33127062681,
“storage_total_segments”: 584730664
“”: {
“bandwidth_bytes_downloaded”: 3893288606976,
“bandwidth_bytes_uploaded”: 1474896830363604,
“storage_free_capacity_estimate_bytes”: 30540157853506736,
“storage_free_capacity_estimate_vetted_bytes”: 25899890832245136,
“storage_inline_bytes”: 6354712576,
“storage_inline_segments”: 667178432,
“storage_median_healthy_pieces_count”: 65,
“storage_min_healthy_pieces_count”: 50,
“storage_remote_bytes”: 3194247708672000,
“storage_remote_segments”: 61087192,
“storage_remote_segments_lost”: 0,
“storage_total_bytes”: 3194254063384576,
“storage_total_bytes_after_expansion”: 7848633235001128,
“storage_total_objects”: 716317504,
“storage_total_pieces”: 3595776467,
“storage_total_segments”: 728265624
Looks like All 3 Sats data existing, then it cold be error on presentation level

Vadim, i think there’s 4 satellite: eu1, ap1, us1 and saltlake. At the moment us1 is missing on your output


Unrelated: is there a way to tell how much data is stored on the non-comercial nodes?
It seems that storjstats shows all the data including private and comercial nodes.

today there is no separate stats.

Than… I store like 666*10^-3 % of all data. :smiling_imp:

I logged issue for this in Feb 2024, still awaiting update.

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It’s not available. We are working on it.

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