Stefan-benten satellite down?

As of a few minutes ago I am getting Ping errors Like this:

`2020-01-16T15:17:34.743Z        ERROR   contact:chore   ping satellite failed   {"Satellite ID": "118UWpMCHzs6CvSgWd9BfFVjw5K9pZbJjkfZJexMtSkmKxvvAW", "attempts": 11, "error": "ping satellite error: rpccompat: dial tcp connect: connection refused", "errorVerbose": "ping satellite error: rpccompat: dial tcp connect: connection refused\n\\n\\n\\n\*Chore).pingSatelliteOnce:154\n\*Chore).pingSatellite:124\n\*Chore).updateCycles.func1:103\n\*Cycle).Run:87\n\*Cycle).Start.func1:68\n\*Group).Go.func1:57"}`

It seems to me the satellite is down. Can anybody confirm or should I be looking for a problem on my end?

Yup its down right now, Its not on your end.

Same for me, satellite down and massive traffic drop on my node.

Only real traffic right now

Thanks for the quick replies. I had some issues with my storagenode today and was not sure if I broke something. Let’s hope it comes back up again and the traffic resumes…


Same here. Lots of errors as satellite is unreachable

May be it is on update as was told before, storj is mooving to other database on some point this month.
In this case Announcment will prevent panic, as Sattelites supposed to be not kilable.

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The traffic was restored for a short time, and again disappeared…

Apparently, there are some structural changes, most likely related to the launch of production.

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looks like it’s back up and running here.

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Yes, same here. Seems to be back to normal for now.

Found this in the changelog

Satellite migration to cockroach
Next week we are going to migrate the satellite databases to cockroach one by one. You will notice order sender errors and checkin errors doing the downtime. Keep an eye on the announcement channel.

Let us know if you want to help us testing everything. Storj-sim is able to connect to a cockroach cluster.

It was a connection leak. I will have to run some tests to find the reason. Don’t worry the tardigrade satellite will automatically restart so that customers will not notice it. Stefan is running his satellite without that because otherwise we woudn’t even notice these kind of bugs.


Interesting that this satellite is down the same day as my node is down :smiley: :smiley:

then it shold be your fault :slight_smile:

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indeed ---------- :smiley:

I think it’s down again.

looks like all trafic gone yes.

Same here, no traffic atm and

2020-01-17T17:44:15.710ZDEBUGgracefulexit:chorechecking pending exits
2020-01-17T17:44:15.710ZDEBUGgracefulexit:choreno satellites found
2020-01-17T17:44:16.215ZDEBUGversionallowed minimum version from control server is: v0.28.0

Here too. Get Online Rating of 0% from this Server :smiley:

Is the service still offline?