Storage Node identity Backup

I`m currently running two storage nodes the main one I have backup of the identity but of my secondary I do not have. The node is running fine and that’s why I’m asking if I can recover the identity from a running node
I run it on windows platform if you can tell me what exact file I’m looking for and where it should be located


You can just backup the identity directly from the node itself. If that is the only location you have the identity you can just make a copy of it for a backup.

I know but I am not sure which file it is


a backup of the identity is irrelevant. If you lose the node data, the identity will be useless anyway. So why back it up? Do you expect the identity to get lost/corrupted on your HDD but the vast majority of the node’s files not? I mean, it is possible of course.

This is 100% true, Guess they don’t understand if the node dies the identity dies with it. Less of course the identity isnt with the node and if windows install dies and the node is on a different hard drive without the identity for node this could be a reason.

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yeah I guess that is true. Identity should be with the node as one isn’t working without the other anyway.

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SNOs are told to back it up here:

Yes that is the idea all of my nodes run on a bootable drive which isn’t redundant while the node drives run on raid 5 so they are secure

right, that information in the docs is indeed a bit misleading.

makes sense although especially in that case I would just put the identity on the raid too. but backup up the identity is not a bid deal anyway. just 6 small files.


It’s mention to move your identity to the storage with data right after backup:

And yes, the backup is only useful, if you didn’t move the identity and your system disk (or SD card) is died

@Toyoo You can see a reason, why this suggestion with backup of your signed identity is still there:

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I wasn’t complaining, just providing justification to why SNOs ask questions about making backups.

Then I’m sorry If I misunderstood you!

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Is the identity good for anything without the node data? And if not, why aren’t they stored together?

Identity and data are kinda tied together.
They aren’t stored togethet by default, but you’re free to do so.
It’s useless without its data (unless it’s brand new).

However, if your disk storing data starts having bad sectors, losing a few Storj fragments isn’t a big deal if you notice the issue soon enough and switch to a new disk: your audit score may drop a little but your node should be alright, and the Tardigrade network will rebuild lost pieces eventually.
However if the identity got corrupted, and if you have no backup of it, that’s the end for your node and all of its reputation/data/held amount will be lost for good.

So wherever you put your identity, it still feels to me like it’s worth backing it up somewhere safe. Just in case.