Storagenode Dashboard - Bandwidth Available N/A


Just wondering if someone can tell me what ‘N/A’ means for available Bandwidth… I presumably means the allocation I have set is used up but thats set to 2TB so I’m not sure why its used that allocation if thats the issue,


Storage Node Dashboard ( Node Version: v0.35.3 )


  • Last Contact ONLINE
  • Uptime       12h7m39s
  •  Available       Used       Egress     Ingress
  •  Bandwidth      **N/A**         1.1 TB      147.3 GB      1.0 TB (since Mar 1)
  •  Disk               0.9 TB     0.9 TB



Bandwidth is no longer used. Shows this in the change log in version 35.3 Changelog v0.35.3

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Wouldn’t this be a problem for those users who have limited bandwidth? In the UK I have unlimited transfer here but in the US or on mobile I know of many people who still have limits of say, 50GB per month. My home server has already exceeded that many times over - 791 GiB combined up/down as of this post.

Yes it would cause an issue, Maybe they want to widdle out people with limits. Don’t know if its going to be added back there’s no talk about it so Not really sure. But as a cloud storage it would be useless to the people wanting to get there data back but can’t because there data is stored on a users hard drive with data limits.

The problem was that it wasn’t implemented in the first place and there was really no way to implement it that wouldn’t impact file availability.
Consider that say 10% of nodes have a bandwidth cap and run into that near the end of the month. Now if a file has enough pieces on that 10% of nodes which now refuse downloads, the file is no longer available to the customer.
To find out how many people would need something like bandwidth limits Storjlabs did a poll among SNOs and it turns out that almost nobody had a bandwidth limit that would cause a problem. So it was decided to remove that feature completely. I don’t expect it will come back because of this. Especially since the US is in the middle of finding out that those bandwidth caps were kind of BS to begin with. All ISPs have eliminated bandwidth limits during the corona crisis, while at the same time demand on the networks is higher than ever, because of people working at home. And so far I haven’t heard of any issues. Hopefully people in the US will remember this and demand better after this crazy situation is over.

I did however find that there seems to be a bit of an issue with how the data is outlined on the CLI dashboard.