Storagenode permanently restarting

Hey there,
so my storagenode is running for 5 or 6 dayś with no error.
I stoped the node than disconnectet the internet (chance ethernet cable) and then reconnect the PC. after starting the Storagenode again an error like “ TCP error conn. Error …” showed.
so i stoped the node.
After updating all packetś (also updated docker and docker-ce) i repeated the process.
This time, no “Fatal” error was shown but if i typed in “docker exec …” it typed “Error response from daemon: Container [container_id] is restarting, wait until the container is running”

so i stoped again.
then “docker rm storagenode”
and after that the install command:
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -p 28967:28967 \

-e WALLET=“0xc2FF990C69A5ce5AC7Fc6e3ce2a11F02C949521e” \

-e EMAIL="" \

-e ADDRESS=“” \

-e BANDWIDTH=“200TB” \

-e STORAGE=“3TB” \

–dns= \

–mount type=bind,source="/id",destination=/app/identity \

–mount type=bind,source="/data",destination=/app/config \

–name storagenode storjlabs/storagenode:alpha

i added the “–dns” because i read in an article that the TCP error only exists if an error in the dns system exists.

after that i started it with
“docker start storagenode”
and then
“docker exec …”

So my Problem is the container still restarts.

-Permanently connectet with the internet
-Stored 1,5GB data
-Bandwith Limit doesn´t exist
-Conn. Speed is 70-80 DOWN and 40 to 50 UP
-Newest Version of Storagenode and Watchover
-Port is forwarded
-My ddns is updated
-Read and Write prom. to dir(s) “/id” and “/data”
-run docker and storagenode under ubuntu 19.04

Hi @abc, have you double checked your mount points are correct?

Another user had a similar issue: