Storj and ERC20 converter

Is migration from ETH network to Cardano using the ERC20 converter advantageous for scalability, interoperability and long term viability of Storj?

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This has been thoroughly discussed and covered in the forum. Here are some of the links. Please read through these threads.

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However, we do not plan to migrate to any other network. Token wrapping is not a migration, it is cross-chain support, nothing more.


Dear Alexey, because of increasing gas fee and lack of clarity about ETH 2.0, i request the migration of Storj onto a more robust platform like Cardano which has less fee and easy conversion with the ERC20 converter. It’s high time to give a serious thought about even if it means shaking your status quo, it’s time for action because if you don’t embrace meaningful change when necessary that could mean loosing to competiton.

Cardano is a not working. No smart contracts nothing. If Storj move they should choose Tezos. Everything is implemented and working like SmartContracts LPoS, NFTs and big DeFi market

I fully agree with you @jensamberg, a migration is necessary, ETH is cumbersome, either to Tezos or something else, O brought up Cardano because they are polishing up on smart contracts as we speak, launch for August or September. The point is Storj’s migration away from ETH is the right direction to take.

Migration is not planned in the foreseeable future: Can Storj use a different blockchain for payments? – Storj

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