Storj Mobile **BETA** For Android

Storj Mobile BETA For Android

A new project for Android by @utropicmedia-karl

Feedback is welcome. Thanks!

The world’s leading secure, decentralized data storage platform. Interact with Storj DCS V3 from your Android device. This release provides for direct libuplink usage or, for convenience, gateway-based interaction.

Use this app to:
-Upload / Download / Delete files and directories
-Upload directly from the device Camera (film videos directly to Storj!)
-Using the Access Grant integration, directly share objects with others!
-Content Wallet: Store credential “bookmarks” to easily switch between multiple sets of Access and Gateway credentials

This app assumes you are familiar with the Storj protocol and Storj DCS service. While this app is intended to provide a familiar interface to the Storj protocol and Storj DCS service, we expect to provide iterative enhancements to the functionality in an effort to explore the best use-cases for the future of decentralized storage use for consumer applications.