A curated list of projects, tools, and resources for the Storj platform

Awesome Storj

(Original version can be found at GitHub - storj/awesome-storj: A curated list of projects, tools, and resources for Storj )

Note: this list contains only projects which are compatible with the current (v3) version of Storj network. Earlier projects and integrations were removed.

Core links

Clients with Storj support and integrations

Client Libraries & language bindings

Storj can be used via the native interface (uplink CLI and uplink libraries) or as an S3 compatible backend with any S3 compatible tool. The following list focuses on the native protocol.

Storage node operation (SNO/Farming)

Farmers store data on the Storj network in exchange for STORJ tokens based on contracts with any Storj Bridge.

Services based on / with support of Storj


STORJ is an ERC-20 utility token for the Storj network.


Tools, utilities, experiments

Community developed tools/scripts

Tools for Storage Node Operators

Tools for Storj DCS

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is not more an option, see

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The list is still missing Quickshare, so I wanted to add it here… :slight_smile:

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