Storj-nextcloud integration howto in French

For the native French speakers, I have created a tutorial on how to use Storj DCS with a nextcloud server.
It is available here:égration-de-storj-dcs-dans-nextcloud.
Maybe it is not 100% accurate so I’m happy to improve it if needed :smile: .


hi Silaxe,

i don’t understand French but i can somehow understand what it is saying based on the installation commands. May i ask, why do you have uplink and gateway on the same machine for this case?
does it performs better this way?

My understanding is that it is not needed as it is also possible to use the website to manage buckets. I’m happy to take it out if it improves clarity of the howto.

I’ve worked on an app for Nextcloud so that you don’t need the S3 gateway (Storj - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud). You can install it through the app store.

Perhaps you can give it a try and see if you like it.

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Thank you! This basically makes my howto obsolete but this improves the onboarding process dramatically :slightly_smiling_face:. I will try your app and give some feedback soon.

Hi @Erikvv, see my issue posted in another section of the forum: Nextcloud on Storj? - #24 by Alexey.

Thanks I’ve created a Github issue and will investigate.