Storj node on an Intel-based ReadyNAS

I just wanted to share my experiences of running Storj on an Intel-based ReadyNAS 2304.

Yes, I’m using my container on an X-RAID system. I know there is a lot of discussion about the merits of RAID and Storj geniuses recommend against it, but I wanted to keep things relatively simple.
It’s fairly trivial to disable X-RAID to run multiple nodes but you’ll lose all the data (obviously).

Be aware that the Docker app won’t install if you’re running the latest ReadyNAS OS (at the time of writing this is 6.10.3).
The solution is to remain on the latest LTS version of ReadyNAS OS (currently 6.9.6)
If you’ve already upgraded to 6.10.x then you CAN downgrade but you data may be at risk. Make sure you backup and, to be sure, perform a factory default after the downgrade.
Instructions here.

It would probably be sensible to create a dedicated share for the storage node data (even if you disable all network access). I imaginatively called mine Storj
This will create a directory /data/Storj which you can use when you run docker.
You will need to enable SSH in order to, well, SSH into the machine. This can be done from the control panel.

Most definitely worth creating it elsewhere and moving it across. These units don’t have a particularly powerful CPU. But hey, it’s your time :slight_smile:

So it’s simple enough once you realise the limitations of Docker installation. That took me a while.

As this is an unofficial thing, I would strongly recommend you keep the firmware updates to the LTS stream and think twice before upgrading the firmware. There is no certainty Docker will run with whatever the next upgrade is.
I haven’t tried this on an ARM-based ReadyNAS, but as far as I can tell Docker isn’t available on that platform.