[Tech Preview] Linux Installer Part 2

For the first tech preview, we had to build the installer ourselves. This step is not needed anymore. We have an apt repository for you. With the following 3 commands, you can install a storage node.

echo "deb [trusted=yes] http://deb.storj.io buster-staging main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/storjlabs.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install storagenode

Disqualification Warning
Don’t migrate docker nodes yet. It would require a surprising number of manual modifications. If you miss one your node will get disqualified. We are working on a guide that explains how to migrate a docker or windows node.


Fantastic! Cant wait to try this when I setup a new node. A couple of questions though…

1 - Do we need to do anything for existing Linux nodes we have already installed manually?
2 - Where will the config file be located which we need to edit to configure the node?

And what is the process for generating an identity? :slight_smile:

I would describe the Linux installer as a tool for people that don’t know much about Linux yet. It will help creating a linux service for storage node and updater. If you are able to create these services yourself I would recommend to not use the Linux installer. If you want to add a second node you are forced to do that manually anyway. So better get used to that as early as possible. With the Linux installer we hope to onboad less experiences Linux users and hopefully give them the knowledge that they need the Installer only once as some kind of template that they can study and reproduce later.

I believe /etc/storagenode/


Ah, so the installer doesn’t automate that process.
Thank you :slight_smile:

So there’s no support for having multiple nodes yet?

You can run the installer for your first node and just replicate the service files the installer has created for you.

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Do I need a separate updater service for every node on the machine or is the one enough?

From my experiments it looks like you need separate executables and updaters for every node. Unless I’m missing some configuration that can simplify this?

Does not work.
The installation does not complete.