Storj obituary - RIP :(

… and there goes my first :frowning:
2020-02-23 01_15_50 … ill miss you :cry: :sob: :pleading_face:

That’s terrible. How old was your node ? Did you figure out what caused your HDD to fail ? What was the make of the HDD?

That is unfortunate. I wonder how long before the satellites realize that those pieces are gone and not just offline. Will you replace the drive and start over? I’m Not sure what’s going on in the picture you posted. Was the drive part of a RAID or JBOD configuration?

Satellites keep track of the number of available pieces. Offline nodes don’t count towards that as those pieces aren’t available atm. The repair will kick in if the number of available pieces drops below the threshold. So it really doesn’t matter that much as the satellite simply assumes they are gone either way.

Looks like one of his RAID1 disks died - node should still work tho. Just replace, rebuild, and move on.

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Hrmm, you’re right. This node should not be lost if it’s a RAID1 failure. Just in case, here are some instructions to recover from RAID1 failure.

You can actually skip step 4:

Enter the Computer Management console and open the Windows Device Manager . Uninstall the disk that has failed.

Unless you want to hot-plug. If you are shutting down the machine to replace the HDD anyway, there is no need to uninstall from device manager.

age …i guess ! :frowning: it was a wd blue …

i think its raid … its made on windows… who knows?! :wink:
i guess ill replace … and double the space!

moving on its not simple … i ill miss it :cry:

:wink: … thkz ! help is always nice !

yeah … during the parity rebuild it will be slow but … i cant do anything else but that!

…and there goes my second!
2020-02-28 20_11_49-sirhdgdghfghstorj - - Remote Desktop Connection

:pleading_face: :pleading_face: :cry: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :disappointed_relieved:

…and there goes the raid with the data! during the resyinching …
thank you raid!
sorry ppl … i tried …the best …my money lets me!

Please, NEVER use the RAID0 setups. With one disk failure the whole node is lost.
To make a reliable RAID with parity you need to have at least three disks.

This apparently was a RAID1 setup. But the 2nd HDD failed when resynching a new one.

I can’t be sure from the picture. Just want to warn people do not use expanded or spanned space. These are synonyms for RAID0.

this is the case when raid not saved node, and if you wold have 2 nodes insted, you wold save half of this.

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I know :smiley: I use 1 HDD per node

From the picture I can guess that you running a few nodes on the same HDDs. This is a worst usage - all nodes will interfere each other

I never understood the heavy partitioning of HDD’s that some people use. In most cases it’s best to just use folders. You’d be much more flexible with the disk space assignment as well. I’d really recommend having just one partition per HDD and running just one node on that single partition. Even if you want to use that HDD for some other stuff as well. Just assign a little less space to your node and use it for your own stuff in a different folder. Though keep in mind that heavy disk usage may interfere with your node and your node may interfere with other usage of the HDD. It’s fine to use the same HDD for mostly static storage of other stuff though.