Storj on a Homeassistant

Good morning,

I’m running a Odroid N2+ with home assistant.
This is running 24/7 now I’m looking if it’s possible to run storj on this also?

Have somebody a working installation on a home assistant server?

Here: Odroid HC4 + Armbian, Storj will be just another container image running like home assistant.

You just need an OS installed like Ubuntu or Armbian.

Have the Homeassistant.img installed not in a docker

Does it allow to run docker or binaries?
If it can run docker (I believe you need to install docker first), then you can use our CLI guide: Docker - Storj Node Operator Docs
if it can run a binary, then you can setup and run it as a standalone binary:

If the Home assistant can support run of services, you may configure the storagenode binary to run as a service, see example: storagenode-deb/ at f51da2cd02c3a90b063f33fd90f4785fc05c78e0 · storj/storagenode-deb · GitHub

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