STORJ on Polygon?

Also Polygon ends up in a fee disaster

Try now. Show screenshot as proof.

Anyone can check it out…

Go to:

Sign in with your wallet on Polygon. You don’t need to have a STORJ balance on Polygon.

Enter in any number you’d like in order to show the exchange rate STORJ/MATIC…

800 STORJ ==> 3 * 10^-9 MATIC

This is a liquidity problem on Polygon. There are very few STORJ tokens on the network. And no working DeFi pools.


I do not think this will keep on being so once more SNO request payouts on Polygon.

For example Storj Labs Inc. transfers STORJ to Polygon for SNO payouts…

Something like that… yeah… but that would require Storj to do something a bit “risky”, so I don’t think that will happen. It might though, if Polygon fees don’t grow to ginormous numbers exponentially over the next 6 months… and Storj ends up saving $$$$ in transaction fees each payout cycle by doing so.

I just wish there were 6 or 7 Vitalik Buterin’s to speed up the process of bringing sharding to Ethereum Mainnet…

I tried today swapping Golem today. Fees are high… please swap something real and show us the fees and result

fees go higher and higher

Just pick any transaction from the list and look at the fees:

I’m glad that Storj is testing Polygon. As a long term node operator, Storj has been very good to me. They paid several large bonus payouts when running test data. So, I’m more than happy to give back some of that in order to help test Polygon and maybe help future SNOs… if it works OK.

It’s also a good development option for Storj to work out multiple chain payout systems in preparation for Ethereum Mainnet sharding in 2023.

As a heavy crypto and blockchain user, my two favorite projects and organizations are Storj and Brave Browser. Both have been steady projects with excellent development teams who seem to be in it for the long haul.


STORJ Polygon. Hopefully it works well!


addressing the screen shot.

The estimated transaction fees are not the actual fees. If you page through the blockchain, you’ll see the actual fees are typically about $0.01 or less. However, I’d rather pay $0.23 than $23.00 or in some cases $230.00 for a transaction.

It’s useful to remember that lower fees come with either lower demand. On a blockchain, lower demand means fewer transactions or a higher transaction rate on the chain. Ethereum Mainnet will see lower fees when sharding happens… and sharding is literally separate chains.

Eventually, Ethereum Mainnet will not have any tokens on it… it will only be used to record all the shards.

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You seem to be a very serious mathematician comparing the $0.23 of Polygon fee to the mainnet $40 fee complaining the $0.23 is too much…

I am so glad you are here to contribute, too. Respect! :sunglasses::+1:

What I complain is. You have to transfer your Tokens to L1 when you need FIAT.

Please tell me the exact way with fees when you have L2 Storj on Polygon how to convert this Storj to real EURs on your bank account

Sure. STORJ Labs Inc just announced Polugon payouts test - Jan 14, 2022: Payouts for the month of December are now complete, and Polygon announcement
This should provide the liquidity required for reasonable swap over Polygon while exchanges keep up with supporting STORJ over Polygon. What should eventually happen is…

  1. You get paid STORJ on Polygon, swap it for some other token, which your exchange supports over Polygon, send your swapped token to your exchange, then stake or spend it with your exchange card or send it to your bank account. This should cost about several cents in transfer fees to do, but be careful when you swap because right now liquidity is just not good and you can easily waste your STORJ for almost nothing in return like it happened with the WTF airdrop.
  2. Your exchange starts supporting STORJ over Polygon and you receive it there directly.


  1. The world ends, everybody dies and nobody has problems.

We are not planning on transfering back to L1 thats a waste of money and time for everyone,
Like ive said before ive tested polygon with golem I swapped from golem to matic which is supported with many many exchanges now where you can then convert to any fiat you want and cash to your bank. These steps are going to depend on when storj does this test and we can figure out and explain it once we can test it. But it will be worth it in the long run as long as Zksync isnt supported on any exchanges.

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No exchanges will support zkSync, bro. Imagine all the activation fees they have to pay for each wallet and token. It’s insane. Got 1 million users? Prepare some 20-30million USD to allow your 1 million users to use zkSync PER TOKEN! Ha-ha! No… They may fund zk rollups, but that’s where it will end most probably.

Yeah I know a little sarcasm on my part…Some people like Zksync and swear by it But I dont actually believe it there just in denial.

Let’s wait and see. It is a community. Does not depend only on you and me, right? :sunglasses:

Currently that is true but theres starting to be more and more options then Zksync why would they spend anymore time getting it to exchanges when others already have done it successfully…Just feels like a dead end to me. On that Zksync has had plenty of time to get it to exchanges…

Please tell me wich exchange support Polygon. I can not found any exchange where I can Exchange from Polygon direct to FIAT.

You can check here Polygon Exchanges MATIC Markets | Buy & Sell Polygon |
I can confirm of 2 that I tested binance and

One moment. E.g. Kraken transfer it via ERC 20 and then you pay 40 $ fee. I asking for a exchange on Polygon L2 layer