Storj pricing SLA vs website

When I look on the website, I see simple pricing ( Affordable Object Storage | Storj DCS):
4$ per TB storage and 7$ per TB bw.

But when I looked on the Storj SLA ( Terms of Service | Storj)I found very different pricing…

Which is the true one? and why isn’t the same pricing?

This has been noted before and it seems it has not been changed since…

We are aware of this and working on updating the outdated pricing chart in the ToS asap. Note that there is a link in the ToS to the relevant section in our documentation which does show the correct pricing chart.

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Do you know why it is taking so long to get these documents up to date? As mentioned elsewhere there are other aspects in which the ToS really aren’t up to date. In those cases multiple years outdated. I understand that the legal nature of these documents requires more time and attention from lawyers to make updates. But this seems a bit much…

Updating other outdated sections is also in progress. Changes in ToS need to be approved by the legal team which is why it takes longer.

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Im also curious why its already changed else where but not in the TOS? Which means its already approved why hasnt it just get changed in the TOS if you can change it publicly first?

It’s partially due to a division of resources. Not just anyone at the company can update the ToS, and the people who can are very busy. They have said they will update it. It is just a matter of priorities. It will get done soon.


Thanks for the update, it would be useful if you could link the Git tracker issue ID in this thread, so we can monitor that instead of annoying Storjlings all the time :slight_smile: