Storj public access as AWS S3 Bucket

I have a huge wish, my website is running by using Amazon S3 bucket and I connect this to a other services to storage my data on AWS S3 and then use the data when needed in a second services.

Other time i use S3 to place to do place a single file to its easy to upload/change for orther people with a public link not (shared link) but a (public link)

This option is not what i can find a option if I’m using Storj as data bucket, everything is look like the point is shut be encrypted and only used to storage file, not to sending traffic between website and Storj network.

This option will lets make the services more main-stream and help the network in general and us people there need a public bucket with data to share and want to get easy access for it to support the Storj network, its not a option right now :thinking:

Hi @parisnakitakejser,

I’m not sure I totally understand but it is possible to link directly to a file, or even to a bucket:

Folder/Bucket - sintel | Tardigrade

File - sintel | Tardigrade

Edit - This may also be relevant - [UPDATE] We've launched Linkshare short URLs and static site hosting!

Yes, but its not posibule to use eg. <img src="storj-file-link"> and in this way use it for websites, or if i want to use it to read like robots.txt so SEO bots will read it, can be many resons, but its not optimal to get at pages where you preview the file, show somthing and then a download button if you need to use it more web-site way :slight_smile:

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Mabey you link you edit help me! :slight_smile: i can see someone want the same way as i want, so i think the featuer is here! thanks a lot

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Hey @parisnakitakejser let us know how it works out for you :slight_smile:

The biggest problem i read is the response time on 1.3 sec I read, i have created a new post based on CDN idé, and if this idé can be added to the network its will be very very nice if its can get up and running fast! :slight_smile:

You can also use Fastly | Storj DCS to have a usual CDN experience with Storj DCS as a backend.