Storj Whitepaper study group

Hey community :smiley:
Is there any interest in a potential whitepaper study group? If I can get 15 people interested, will organize one during 2020.

This would something new for the forum, so I would be open to constructive feedback on ways to make it valuable and efficient.

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(ETA on online whitepaper study group. I know we are a global bunch, not clustered in a single location :wink: ) #decentralizationftw

I interested, you can count on me :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting, could you elaborate a little more on what it would entail?

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what is exact meand under whitepaper study?

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Im also interested in being part of this group.

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I would like to participate.

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hey @brightsilence good question - like I said right now Im open to suggestions. But basically I thought it should be something that is bite-sized enough to keep ppl from getting bogged down, and something people can participate in asynchronously due to timezone issues

My own experience in reading papers has been usually with approaches like a 3-pass read, and a discussion group. For very meaty topics, sometimes I enjoy doing one initial pass, and then digging into each section methodically. But what works for me might be different from what works for others? idk yet.

When I’m really interested in a topic, my own approach is to do an initial readthrough, and as I go I notice anything that raises a question and track any terms I have’t encountered or concepts I dont understand. Then I read it through again to see if I can answer my own questions that time. I study some more, fdoing kind of a heuristic look-close/zoom-out mixture, digest the materials, and then when I feel I have got to the next level of understanding, I rewrite the paper in my own words. At that point I typically feel that I have attained a real understanding of the material.

^ Obviously my personal method is probably overkill LOL. But it got me a lot of A’s in philosophy hahah

What Im more curious about is what would be appealing to you folks in the group though!

Should we try first with the Executive Summary to work out any glitches before tackling the full whitepaper? Im totally open to ideas


I also really like the approach & thoughts laid out in this short article – but again its clearly geared toward IRL meetings and is probably also overkill for our purposes

I’m in, not that I want to read it a 30th time or anything, but I’d be happy to answer questions if any!

One benefit of how we organized the whitepaper is each chapter adds detail to the previous chapters, so, e.g., if you read just chapters 1 and 2, you’ll have a good idea of what we’re trying to do. If you read through 3 you’ll have a high level view of the network, and each chapter after that adds increasing amounts of detail (chapter 4 is large! chapter 5 goes into example operation descriptions). So you can read however much detail you want and still participate.


thanks @jtolio for pointing that up!

I am also interested.

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I’d be interested as well. Though as a curiosity, what is the goal for this study group? Just to simplify the explanation for those who might not want to read it? Or maybe to further expand on the whitepaper in a meaningful way?


Hi @vedalken254
great question . It just seemed to me that a lot of people I meet at events and online say that study groups are helpful to a lot of people.
For myself personally I just feel like deeper understanding of the topic, and of course since my job is community manager, I have the instinct to try & make it a group endeavor. Its just my style I guess. :joy:

Your comment about possible further expansion is intriguing. That wasnt top-of-mind when I made the original pst. idk, that is probably a better question for @jtolio – I think he is the person best equipped to talk about expansions and revisions.

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@jocelyn I not know where gote this whitepater reading, But i strongly see that we need Github Doc reading group, than all the time are going question about how work one or other thing today. Doc have lot of relyes.

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interestng idea, thanks – let me see what we can do. I was planning already to announce in town hall that we’re goign to try a hybrid approach for the white paper group, and make it more like an AMA. Maybe we should do something similar with the Git topic as well. … :thinking:

what is AMA?

something like discussion?

oh, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. I want to get JT in as the guest. he will come in and answer questions personally and we have a discussion. They are a very fun kind of “online event”

But his calendar is somehow crowded this week :wink: so it will probably be in February