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Was looking at this…and as far as i can tell there seem to be some inconsistent numbers.

the current total network ingress for all satellites add up to like 137PB
this is 137000TB meaning if there are 10000 nodes each storagenode should be seeing 13.7TB of ingress, even changing the nodes to 20k doesn’t fix it… not even close…

but using 20k nodes does make it 6.85TB pr node, and the general ingress we usually have is like a bit over 500GB pr node, so i would assume these numbers in the dashboard are for whatever reason off by a decimal place…

extra zero somewhere in the chain…

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Sorry for the late reply, hadn’t time to check it before. The values in the Dashboard are shown as reported by Storj. The shown ingress values are taken from here:

(bandwidth_bytes_uploaded - > number of bytes uploaded (ingress) to the network for the last 30 days).

As example let’s take Satellite AP1. It reports:

The description of the Value defines it as byte, and converted to Petabyte its 23.4079.
(Convert Bytes to Petabytes (B → PB))

Which would mean on AP1 the Ingress for the last 30 Days was 23.4 Petabytes. I wondered myself about the value but i haven’t questioned them for now. I think it contains all uploaded data (inclusive aborted uploads, the expansionfactor etc.)


i guess storjlabs must have made the error…

to me it seems highly unlikely to be anything else than a decimal error as the gross estimate seems to be off by about 10x
to big a variation to be random flux, and its a simple mistake to make.

has happened even to NASA many times…
sure does make the network ingress numbers look much more impressive tho… so there is that… lol

you can run through the numbers quite easily… add the satellite ingress together and divide them across the number of nodes… doesn’t even have to be that accurate to see it’s way way way off.
what do you think @BrightSilence ?

Well, can’t say much other than this has to be a wrong number. The total stored on that satellite is "storage_total_bytes":801912361571328. That’s 802TB (@Arkina, Storj uses decimal byte notation, I suggest you align with that for consistency)

Maybe the stat actually displays what has been uploaded in total, not just last month. Either way those numbers can’t possibly be right.

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Thats also whats displayed in the dashboard → used capacity, or am i missing something? (i stick with bytes(SI) as unit which should be decimal)

I was responding to this. Didn’t check the dashboard itself. My bad.

i suppose it could be a full year or total, that would fit much better…

Not sure about that, because at some time points the value decreased, which would not be the case if its only a counter.

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i guess the next step then would be to wait and see what happens overtime…
ill try to track it a bit see, if i can make some better sense of it.

pretty sure i got it to about 137PB last but wasn’t super accurate… now its like 164PB so it’s gone up by over 20% over the last 4 days…
but ingress has also been a bit higher than usual…
15-07 its now a total of 173.5TB
16-07 total of 185,3TB
19-07 total ingress of 253,7TB
it does seems to change each day… and yes it does seems to move in both directions.
so has to be counting over some sort of time scale… where the granularity is pretty big.
if it jumps by 10PB in a day that does make it pretty close to the 4PB avg change pr day would be… think i saw it dropped 20 a while back between…

but it jumping around like that would also fit with how ingress behaves as it sometimes is 100kb pr node and other days it might be near 500kb
so that would make a 30 day moving avg be all over the place…

will take a bit to fully make sense of it

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Has any investigation been completed into why the report for Europe-North-1 returns…


Where as all the satellites have a value


Hi @pdwelly thanks for letting us know! The team is aware of this issue and we are working on fixing it. It’s just on the metrics collection side for EU-N1 and the satellite itself is running as expected.


Thanks Jennifer. Cosmetically I can’t wait for it not to say zero :slight_smile:


Hi @pdwelly the metrics for europe-north-1 should be fixed by now. We still improving/refining other metrics metrics as well.


Hi Rafael, Thank you. I can see 2 of the 3 metrics have updated as now showing with values on as


Does the “min_healthy” count take a while to compute?