Successful rate on GUI and Docker difference

I have both docker and GUI nodes in different paces.
Docker on raspberry pi 3+ , 50/50 connection and GUI on I5 with 100/100 connection.

on docer successful rate is low only 8%

on GUI node successful is OK

but if we whatch do dashboards ammount of data, there is almost no difference.
raspberry ingress
GUI ingress

Any idea how it can be? where is the truth?
All data mesured by same software.

This is not a valid comparison between GUI and docker if the nodes are running on different hardware in a different physical location

EDIT: I judged too quickly, the ingress data is about the same. That might mean that one node is receiving fewer but larger pieces than the other.

if deepe in my data, then you understand that node get almost same data amount but they report different success rates to logs, if difference would be 10-20% i would understand but it is 10 times

how much from that ingress is landed on your disk?

it is good question, does dashboard show ingress even for canceled uploads?

does it posible to get more deteil logs? like how big file was uploaded?

of course

You can enable a debug level

With latest update there is full logs with failed uploads, and if compare from logs then this count is very high:
docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep “upload failed” -c
docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep “uploaded” -c

And this device is not on weak hardware and hdd is attached directly. There is no even network problems as i got speed 700/700mbit

this is docker or GUI?

This is on linux, docker

it is looks like docker it self working slower

Im curious does docker on linux limit to use 1 core or does it use all cores available to it? Cause I know the gui isnt limited considering it has access to every system resources unlike docker.

also docker eat more memory, GUI take 15-20 MB only.

Yeah very interesting find though.

My successrate on docker actually got higher with the last update. Had 10% before, got 30% now.

and about power consuprion my 5node pc, take 75-80W it is about 16w per node with HDD consuption and HDD cooling.

Thats actually pretty good. My 2 nodes are running on a Dell it maxes at around 35watts.

How to run Success Rate on Windows GUI…?!
I found only for Docker…

For the Windows GUI you need to specify the path to the logs.


Or i try it via Linux on Wndows 10 from the marketplace.