Super Low Utilization with Storj Node

Hey everyone. I’m running a Storj node in a Docker container, and I’ve been running it for a week so far. Even though I have a 30, 5 internet connection, the bandwidth utilization only hovers around 0.7MBPS. I’ve filled up 20GB of space after a week of operating, and I have 3000GB dedicated, so at this rate it’ll take 3 years to fill it up.
Did I set up something wrong, or is my node just not being used?
I’m not really concerned about the node getting filled up, it’s just that I’ve earned 1 cent so far.

Before answering may I ask what time did you expect to fill up your node?
Just out of curiosity.

I just edited the post.

Well, utilization is generally low.

This comment makes some estimates:

The first month or so is the hardest, because your node gets vetted, which means tested for reliability. Only around 5% of all traffic goes to all nodes that are in the vetting phase.

But even after your node has been vetted, the amount of space used depends either on the amount of test traffic Storj Labs creates or on the amount of traffic real customers create.
Both currently is not that much. We are still missing some big customer with high demand of storage capacity.

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Maybe also this one for deeper look:


Better prepare for 5 years :slight_smile:
My nodes, 2x 8TB, are now loosing used space, showly but for sure. 1st made in Jun '20, 2nd about 2-3 mounths later. Used space is 4.8 and 1.4 TB.

As Jammerdan said, initially your node is being tested, so some traffic is held back. But I still think you could fill 3TB in a year. I think I’m at 8TB now after 16 months.