Suspension Email work wrong

I have found out that during hole this month 2 of my nodes was offline, but i got email about suspension only when i fixed problem.
Online status is about 22% only, I shold get suspended already when it was below 60%?
Why I got email only then when I fixed offline problem, it shold be when problem Started.

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This has been reported before. I think the email only goes out if a node checks in or something, which doesn’t make sense for an uptime warning email…


Now you see what I was talking about :smiley:

And this is why I suggests to use [Tech Preview] Email alerts with Grafana and Prometheus and do not lean on these emails from the satellites, because when they come it’s already too late.

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Or this one for Linux / Docker users, without the need of Grafana :nerd_face:

I lost a node due to a hardware problem in September… I never got the suspension email because I never brought it back online. I believe that the suspension email only arrives when the node comes back online

Email about suspension can come only if the suspension score fall below 60% or online score fall below 60% and only if the node is online.
The suspension score can fall only for unknown audit errors. Known audit errors like “file not found”, “disk i/o”, etc. are known and will affect audit score instead.
So there is no suspension before disqualification, they are accounted independently. Just when the suspension score is affected the node has higher chances to be disqualified.

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