Synology Docker crash: failed to initialize logging driver

So purchased a Synology DS1520+ to replace my 10 yr old ReadyNAS. Let me tell you I’ve been extremely disappointed with the OS proprietary packaging and utilities. This problem being one of many with the fact they decided logs should go into a database and not flat files…

Anyways, after running my container for about 2 weeks, it suddenly exited and would not restart. The one message I found said:

Start container storjlabs-storagenode1 failed: {“message”:“failed to initialize logging driver: database is locked”}.

After fighting it for an hour or so, I finally found this which said to simply copy the container and restart. How to fix Synology Docker: failed to initialize logging driver: database is locked – TechOverflow

That did fix it, for 2 more weeks and then it happened again. The second time I was able to remediate more quickly, but my reputation is still getting dinged for the downtime. Opened a case with Synology, and they seemed to of deemed it interesting enough for escalation. In the meantime, has anyone else seen this?

Im Running about 30 Nodes on some Snyology-Stations.
I sometimes had this Problem, too.
It seems to occur in Case of Hard reboots or a Lot of IO-Load.

I use the CLI and Docker-Compose files for about 2 years now.
Over all relatively stable.

So here’s the reply from Synology:

After a further investigation by our developers, they found that the container has additional parameters from it’s github link that show it should be run over terminal, rather than in the UI.
We suggested you to run the container via command but not UI to have a complete parameters introduced into it, and so the container can run properly.

OK. This smells a little funny. Obviously I can’t expect to have a ssh terminal open 24/7 to run a docker instance. I’m assuming I could start it detached but then how do you autostart the docker instances after a reboot?


is what you need :slight_smile:

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Thanks, saw that in the sample and did that in a script. Still think their answer was wrong. We’ll know in 2 weeks.