Synology DS220+ crashing or delaying too much

Hi there!

Among others, I have two Synology DS220+ nodes, running docker. One of them started getting stuck the last week and the other has issues with huge delays when copying or moving files, even between the same share. The one that is getting stuck goes offline and it happened several times within the last week. Many of them were during the night, and now I am very close to get suspended.

All these started happening all of the sudden the last week. I have no idea what happened. nothing was changed, neither any Synology Update. After starting having issues I did all updates, but they didn’t help solving the problem.

Any ideas about this? Does anyone having similar experience the last week?

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Angelos Pitsos

What filesystem are you using?

Hi @snorkel!

Thanks a lot for your quick response. I use BTRFS as file system, on both NASes.

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Angelos Pitsos

Bad choise. Is there a way to move the data to other machine and reinstall everything with ext4 fs, no raid? I ran 7 DS220+ and 1 DS218+, ext4, no problems.
Also, put 16GB of memory on those. Thay can take it and helps a lot.
In the mean time, search for posts about Fatal error. You need to modify some timeouts I believe. And see what logs tell you.

HI @snorkel,

Unfortunately I don’t have this option. I am very close to get suspended I guess. On what percentage does the node get suspended, do you know that?

Also, how could I remove it smoothly from the system? Would be so kind to advise me?

With kind regards,
Angelos Pitsos

If the online score or suspension score would fall below 60%, the node will be suspended (no ingress), but it will still serve egress.
The online score would recover if your node would be online. To fully recover it requires to be 30 days online, each downtime requires an additional 30 days to fully recover.
The suspension score would grow with each successful audit.

So you need to check your logs for FATAL errors, also errors related to GET_AUDIT/GET_REPAIR:

HI @Alexey,

Unfortunately I made my decision yesterday and I started the “Graceful exit” procedure already. It’s been a week having these problems on this node and I think it started because the data or the transactions became too much for this poor DS220+.

It’s a pity, because is a 8-months node and was going really good until last week.

On the other hand, I would like to ask you something else. The second node doesn’t accept the “Graceful exit” command. I get the message:

You are not allowed to initiate graceful exit on satellite for next amount of months:
Error: You are not allowed to graceful exit on some of provided satellites

On the other NAS I was able to run it without issues and the “Graceful Exit” period has been started already.

Is it because this node is newer then the other? This node was started in August 2023.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

With kind regards,
Angelos Pitsos

You need to be older than 6 months in order to GE a satellite. DS220+ is realy good for running storagenodes, but on ext4 fs. I have 14.5TB on first disk, full, and I added another with 20.5TB available. No SSD, just 18GB of RAM.
Even the DS218+ with 1GB of RAM can manage 2 x 7TB of data. It even runs the FileWalker, but in 5-6 days :smile:.

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