Synology power adapter broke - offline - downtime

Hey guys,
I had two nodes running, one for years as in a lot and one for one or two years. We moved offices beginning of the year and we had internet issues for one month hence I couldn’t keep the younger node online and it got disuqalified.
Today the AC adapter of my Synology with like 13TB of data or so just burned away (also made the fuse go off), I live in the Netherlands and I looked it up - not easy to get one asap but maybe I can pick up one tomorrow.

My question is - and I read some posts / searched here - how long can I be offline before getting disqualified? It’s a very well running node and I hope to get power back tomorrow. Is this 60% still on, so if I’m off for like 3 days or so no problem?

Sorry but I didn’t find the answer.



Cool - I just drove 2 hours to get the power plug and restarted the Synology. At first it looked like the power is not enough as it stopped, then I started with 2 HDDs instead of 5, it worked. Unfortunately it looked like the 3 others didn’t make it up - another reboot. Now it came back and after clicking repaid it now does a data scrubbing.

But now it looks good in Synology:

But also on the dash:

Fingers crossed but looks like it should be all ok.
Wooooo :slight_smile:


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