Tardigrade Production Release SNO Payments, Jan/Feb 2020

As we continue to test scaling and performance of the Tardigrade network, we are continuing our practice of using paid data and bandwidth for our testing to reward our early SNO adopters.

We’ve used surge payouts to accelerate the growth of the network and the good news is that we’ve reached our launch gate. We are not extending surge payouts for the month of February, at this time but you will still receive surge payouts for January. We may use surge payouts as an incentive in the future if we need to grow the network again in advance of customer demand.

We don’t want to grow the network to large ahead of customer demand or too slow. We’re in a good place at around 25 PB to meet expected usage for the foreseeable future.

One additional thing we want to share is that we’ve completed testing on the new payout automation tools. We’ve developed expertise in payouts at scale and the new tools are far superior to the manual process we’ve used in the past. In an effort to optimize for overall performance and scalability, we have a few limits we’ve introduced related to the database. One of these limitations has an impact on the calculation of billing for January.

While this impact is only temporary, it will impact the February payout. With the steps we took to increase the overall ability of the database to handle concurrency, we introduced a lag in payout settlements that resulted from the extended time for order limit settlement.

Essentially, the steps we took to improve scalability and to ensure that payouts were accurate and complete introduced a delay in the ability to calculate payouts in real-time. This is a temporary artifact of these improvements and we expect this lag to be resolved this month and not to reoccur in future payouts.

February is the last month we will use the manual processes before we complete the transition to the automated tools. Here’s what you can expect for the February payout:

  • For this payout, the pull for payout data will be current as of 7 days prior to when the payout process is run. The issue with the lag in payments is related to the calculation of payouts from order limits. Order limits roll up over a 7 day period as order limits expire.
  • The February payout will be offset by one week as described above
  • The offset week will be included in the next payout
  • All future payouts will run during the first week of the month as an automated process and will cover all usage for the previous month without any additional lag in calculation
  • The new tooling automatically calculates payouts as a Satellite process, and includes held amount as well as storage, customer egress, repair and audit traffic.
  • The new payout process will allow the SNO Board to query for payout information as well as held amount.

We made the decision to make the incomplete February payment covering the first 3 weeks payouts on time, rather than delay the entire payment. The March payout will include all of February’s activity plus the last week of January. The changes to the order limit rollup and the new automated payout process should ensure smooth sailing with payouts going forward.

Overall, we’re really happy with the new payout process. We expect the community will appreciate the improvements, and especially improvements to the timing and accuracy of future payouts from Tardigrade Satellites.


This sounds very good!

One question though: If there are surge payouts for January but only 3 weeks get paid now, will there be also a surge payout for the last week of January in the payment we will receive in March?


To be true, i lost in translation somwhere in beginning, and today is already 5 february, so if take 7 days, then we can wait til 7-8 february to get hole month payout?

We get the payout for January 1-25 within a few days and in March we get the payout for January 26-February 29.
The payout occurs during the first week of a month, so within 1st-7th of each month.


The surge payment will be applied to the last week of January when it is paid in March. This is a one-time delay that was introduced as a byproduct of a separate effort to improve the scalability of some database behaviors around billing reconciliation.


With regard to the lag, it’s not a clean 8 day lag. The function that is used to calculate billing is based on the transmission of order limits. Order limits currently have an 8 day expiration and may be submitted by Storage Nodes at any time prior to expiration. Order limits are used both to calculate Storage Node Payments and Uplink billing. Effectively, whatever wasn’t swept and included in the February payout for January usage will be wrapped into the March payout.

Overall, we will make sure our Storage Node Operators are fully and fairly compensated.


Thanks a lot for your detailed answer!

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hi folks, Im just here to let everyone know that January payments have been sent today. (its also posted in #announcements as usual)


Do you payout the last January week with the USD stroj ratio of the last January week (1stoj = $0.11) or do you take the current one when you pay out (1 storj = $0.20 12.02.2020)?
This would be a difference of nearly 50% in payout.

They calculate the payment in USD ($10/TB egress and $1.5/TB/month storage I think) then convert it to STORJ just before sending the payment at whatever the STORJ value is at the time of the payment.

It’s like if you got paid in USD, but STORJ was used just for the transfer. If you sell the tokens immediately after you receive them, you will get the correct USD value. After the payment, the value of tokens can go up or down.

But if you have had paid me the last January week at the beginning of Feb (as you promised) eg. $100 in stoj token those tokens would be $170 now.

Or they would be worth less now. I have been paid in tokens when the tokens were worth $0.5 or more. Now those tokens are worth less.

The customers are billed in USD and we are paid in USD, the token is just a tool to make the transfer easier and cheaper (a wire transfer would be much more expensive for example). You can sell the token immediately and get the USD value you earned or you can hold it hoping for a price increase.


But do we get interest on the tokens that are paid out late?

You earned $10, you got paid $10 in tokens. What interest?
Conversely, if the token value dropped, would you want to be paid less?


You were already being paid double (or triple if your node existed prior to July I think) due to surge payouts. You want even more?
You were never promised payouts calculated in Storj and you’re not getting that. You’re getting the exact USD value at the moment of payout. That’s completely fair. Somehow you never hear people complain about something like this when the value went down…