Tardigrade rate limit delete files! (allows but very very slowly)

When I want to delete few buckets I see error:

So I am forced to pay for something that I do not need and offer to use a poor slow removal of 1 bucket. In fact, this is already a Scam since I am not allowed to use the service normally.

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there’s a difference between running into a rate limit and a scam…
Plase phrase your topic titles a bit more friendly. They are like a bad newspaper always trying to get attention and paint the worst possible image.


You put $100,000 in the Bank and want to take the money back, and the Bank suddenly told you: “You can only pick up 1 center per day.” Is it scam or not?
How should I delete a million files at a rate of 1 file per second?

Then just like a bank, contact support and ask for a change in the limit. (if the delete limit can be changed at the moment).
You have a limit at the bank too for withdrawals.


look at this:

So I need ~60 days to delete trash? Lol what

I’m not saying it isn’t problematic but immediately crying “SCAM” and “ALARM” only because something isn’t as fast as you expect it to be is just childish and in no way helps anyone. neither you nor storjlabs nor other users. State your problem objectively.

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You can request an increase in the rate limit: https://support.tardigrade.io/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000683212
The default is

Hmm… super small number and a few weeks ago I was working in 200 threads

Just asked the team. It has been increased up to 100 from that time. Include all meta info calls; list, get, delete, put. It’s per project.

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Can I ask you to change up to 500-1000? I want to do my own little stress test.

Please use this form: https://support.tardigrade.io/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000683212

I hope you don’t mind, but I adjusted the topic title. It was actually working against helping you, because people were responding to the alarmist title instead of helping you with your problem.

The rate limit can be increased and if you run into it, you should request an increase as that will also signal to Storjlabs that the current rate limit is too low. As Alexey mentioned, it has been raised already to accommodate more use cases. Your feedback can help prevent others from running into this issue in the future.

I hope they’re able to help you out and would like to hear back about your experience with support.

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Even after increasing the deletion limit, they are terribly slow and I need to pay for these storage hours…

In General, such things should be coordinated with the author. This is at least disrespectful to other people.

However, let it all go to hell, I think it’s time for me to leave this community.

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You can change it back if you like, I just thought this would help you out better. I’ll ask first next time.

Edit: I spoke with @anon68609175 in PM’s to apologize and clarify why I changed the subject. We’re having a constructive conversation about it.


All ok, sorry about my reaction. :handshake:
It’s correct (new) title and I was only surprised and reacted extremely emotionally.