The new GoPro Hero 12 has been announced

So I was having a look at the blurb on their website.
One of the things that caught my eye was that they’re still offering “Free, unlimited cloud backup” on their subscription tier, as well as a sync service.

I would imagine they run on thin margins, being a hardware manufacturer and all, so they perhaps might be a good company to approach with the possibility of reducing their storage costs?


Same re:Garmin. A lot of their products use cloud storage, that is free for a short time and paid for longer. E.g. Dashcam.

Also in the same vein — maybe Arq would be interesting: the subscription service offers storage paid per TB, and AFAIK they are using GCS at the moment.

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No, I was talking about their ArqPremium service: Purchase Arq, where you pay them $60/year and they let you backup up to 1TB. They use Google Cloud Storage on the backend. Could use storj and save money/more profit.

And BTW that “integration” for the non-premium version uses s3 gateway (IIRC), so kind of not as tight as it could be. This is another area where storj can suggest Arq to explore. And if they did and hit obstacles (like customer’s modem rebooting on high bandwidth uplink transfers). — that would be useful feedback to storj.

I believe that S3 integration is more suitable for Arq unfortunately, because this backup program usually used by consumers, and they have a crappy consumer routers or worse - Apple’s one, which cannot handle a lot of parallel transfers required for a native integration.


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Fully agree here. It’s not specific to Apple hardware though, I have ubiquitii gear and it works fine, but it’s my modem that dies if a few uplink threads are used. I’ve reported that in the other thread.

Unfortunately the number of support requests from users of Apple products related to network issues is greater than even from Windows users…
So, this is why I concluded a such opinion… I can be wrong, since I do not have any of their products to test myself.

I use ZyXel routers and never have had any issues with uplink even using WiFi (but started to use it for heavy transfers only after WiFi4 was introduced).

I don’t doubt you, but just as a data point — in my environment, a few Apple MacBooks, Ubiquiti access point, Ubiquiti gateway, and Technicolor/Cisco modem — modem dies within 10 seconds. This is when testing from both, Intel MacBook Pro 16, and Apple Silicon MacBook Air M2, with duplicacy backup software (not to be confused with Duplicati or duplicity)

I’ve also tried at work — Aruba access points and ridiculously massive pipe to the cloud — and there were no issues for about 5 minutes, after which I stopped, not to abuse work wifi too much.

Hence, there seems to be no issues with wifi today on Apple devices.

But of course, maybe there are on older OSes, older hardware, etc etc.

Ultimately, I too switched to using storj hosted gateway, and feel slightly bad about it :slight_smile:

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