The node doesn't recognize the used space after restart

Hello there,

I reduced my storage as requested, but my node seems to have broken permanently:

2019-12-26T16:33:39.277Z WARN piecestore:monitor Disk space is less than requested. Allocating space {“bytes”: 186289479680}
2019-12-26T16:33:39.277Z ERROR piecestore:monitor Total disk space less than required minimum {“bytes”: 500000000000}

Please do not reduce the allotted space below 500 GB which is the minimum required to run a node. Also, do not allocate more space than actually available on your disk.

I reduced it to 500GB.
But even with 537GB (my original setting) I get the same error

the message means your disk does not have that much space, it is possible that your disk mounting is not done right perhaps. Make sure you use static mount for your hard drive via /etc/fstab if on Linux

df -h output
/dev/sdc1 541G 367G 174G 68% /mnt/store_0

and: i have static mounts in fstab

I think I have to request another activation code and start a new node. I have not changed the config for 6 month and now it won’t start

Hello @Belkaar,
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Try this:

In your case you should change the threshold to 100.0

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That helped! The node is running again.
Can you elaborate on why this happened?

Is your node able to recognize a used space?

Do you mean like this:

               Available         Used      Egress     Ingress
 Bandwidth       20.0 TB      28.2 GB     13.4 GB     14.8 GB (since Dec 1)
      Disk      106.4 GB     393.6 GB

Yes. @littleskunk, seems we have a bug here. The space monitir is checking the free space before the used space is calculated

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So don’t restart the node?

I have no recommendations at the moment