The payments are not correct


Hi .
I just received this month’s payment and it doesn’t match the results of the Dasboard.
I have two nodes and on the 31st they marked about 23 and the other about 2.
The payment corresponds to the 6 Month or 50% retention. For that, it should be about 11 or 12. However, I have received $ 5.77.
They cannot be things from the market since it is a very big difference. I have reviewed and more or less the payments of month 4 and month 5 have remained the same.

It seems that I am keeping retention of 75% these months instead of 50%.

Same here. Very strange.

Could you give us screenshots from your node dashboards, where we can see the earnings estimation for October? And the actual payment you just received for this node.

There might still be bugs in the dashboard for the estimation of october. Wait until you see data in the payout history (which will only arrive once all payments are completed)

These are the screenshots of the dashboard.
node 1
node 2
It seems that in node one the correct subtraction has not been done but it can still be calculated approximately more than 10 $ (50%withholding).
The second node is still with 75% retention and seems correct.

That’s interesting I got my more then I expected this month did the price of storj drop then the transfer went though. Then storj price shoot up over night?

As I said, those are estimations and that part might still have a bug for the previous month (as prior versions of the storagenode had that bug).
Wait until the data is available for october in the payout history!

I do not understand well. Those snapshots are from the payment history for the month of October found in dashboard-Payout Information-Custom Date Range-oct. Which one are you referring to?

Okay. I’ve already seen what you mean. Well wait for a few days to see what comes out. Thank you

Mine seems a bit off maybe I’m missing something ?

What I apparently should get…

What I got was 61.02036343 Storj ($17.24)

Payment at Nov-03-2020 08:35:43 AM +UTC at that time storj price was about $0.2829 which means if we take the above estimated payment as nearly 100% correct then we are looking at 87.3-ish Storj.

Also for the sake of integrity and things being accurate/fair I have another new node that perhaps should have added nearly $0.50 on to the above payment as well, now I know that’s not much but if it was not included in the above payment at 08:35am then it adds to a bigger discrepancy. Now I may be missing something.

Ive pinged engineer to look into this, thank you for flagging


I have the same problem, should have got over 60$ on all 9nodes, and got 41$

Thats a big difference, maybe you had alot of unsent orders? I expected 25 dollars this month and I got 38 dollars kinda unexpected…

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I double checked my own payout and here are my findings:

  1. Satellite database and storage node estimation are more or less matching. Maybe 5 cent difference here and there but that is expected.
  2. The sum of all my 6 storage nodes is also what was passed into the payout script.
  3. The payout script has failed to update the conversion rate. The script was started with a price of $0.30 per STORJ. A few hours later the price dropped to $0.27 but the payout script continued for hours without updating the conversion rate. So that explains a payout difference of up to 10%.

Now a few people are reporting higher differences, right? Do you want me to double-check it in the database?

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can i get last month payouts from api? i have 26 nodes, and check them all very difficult, i know haw to get this month, like /api/sno/estimated-payout
but how can i get last month?
i think i got about 10% lower than expected.

In my case. If the dashboar is correct, it costs about $ 11.83. This represents a difference of almost half (specifically 48.77%) between the dashboard and the final payment.
You comment 10% or more but in my case the difference is much higher. It is normal?

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Yes, im also interested to know why the dashboard payment is out, the failed script certainly didn’t increase the payout, as others reported.

i have found one person in other thread that have 6780 unsent ordest, may be you have the same?

How can I know this?

on windows there is program files>storj>storagenode>orders
in linux dont know

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