The payments are not correct

I have 10 unsent order files is that bad and does that cause the dashboard payout to be inaccurate?

it is normal, it sended every 2h about, some ommount is normal

I have 3005 files inside the “unsent” folder. what does this mean?

The results from the payout script has been imported back to the satellite. What you can do is restart your storage node and then you should see the satellite data on the payout dashboard. Maybe make a screenshot before and after the restart.

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So why is there a big difference between what the earnings script reports/what the dashboard says and what you get paid?

Thanks for your help.
Now it has been updated and already shows the data correctly. However I have eliminated all the bandwidth I had in October.
Before I had 680.10GB and after reboot I only have 177.95GB

You should check how many unsent orders you have as well that is a huge difference in bandwidth in a month. Nevermind you said it already. You clearly have an issue with sending orders so you might wanna check to make sure everything in your node is running good.

this means you have some problem with order sending, this is why you got so low income.

Yes. I already saw it. Is there a thread where this problem is addressed?

Yes there is a few just search here is an example of one A lot of unsent orders


Okay. I will try to solve. Thank you very much for your help to @deathlessdd , @littleskunk ,@Vadim and other forum members.

I got about 10% less as well, about 2.2$

Can you show corresponding dashboard for that node after restart?


I also found node with unsended orders for long time. How old orders satellite accepts?
i remember somthing like not more than 7 days old.

48 hours. You can remove all older orders, they will not be accepted.


Any answer to my question above about the differences throughout the month please see my screenshot as well above? thanks.

Hi @anton like I mentioned earlier today, its being looked into. I know youre eager for an answer - we will post info as it becomes available, so please check back. You can also turn on reminders for this thread to receive more replies as they come in. Thank you!

The same here. Today all of my nodes are suddenly showing over 10$ less. Yesterday my big node was still at 27$, today it’s suddenly just under 18$ ??? !!! I have no unsent orders and no failed audits. The complete log of the last month is available. I feel a little pissed off, where did all of a sudden over 40$ go ???

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a screenshot yesterday. In the future, I will screen all my dashboards including the payout history at the end of the month. If it was 2-3$ it would be okay. But not over 10$ per node because something can not be right.


For this one: