The usage of space on dashboard doesn't match the usage on the disk

at this moment with DQ disabled, just stop the node and copy the data to the new drive, repoint the paths and restart the node. Should work fine and reputation shouldn’t be impacted that much and it should recover quickly.

Please, take a look on: Migrate Existing Node with Windows 10 Powershell

@Alexey this is great, thanks!

Just to be on the safe side I repeat. With the node running I will input the following command in cmd:

D:\>robocopy /MIR D:\StorjShareV3 E:\StorjShareV3

This is the origin:

And this the destination:

I will repeat that a few times and then once more with the node turned off (once the difference is so small that is should take very little time to sync).

Thanks for your confirmation.

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Looks right for me, so go forward.

Dear @Alexey,

it worked like a charm!

Thanks a lot.

The dashboard still mentions that I have only 800 GB free while I have almost 1.5 TB but I hope in time the issue will solve by itself. :smiley:

You have 800GB free from the allocation. It’s doesn’t account your physical available space, only if you allocated more than you have a physical available free space.

Thanks for the information, I copied the data from a 1tb hard disk to an 8tb one and in the control panel it appeared to me that it had 1tb … Thanks to your information I managed to fix it!

Dear @jau89 thanks a lot for your message: I am really happy that all of my writing above managed to help you! :slight_smile: It is even more important that you were able to solve your issue, perfect.

@Alexey Sadly I cannot say the same of my node: I still have the dashboard saying that the node is full (1.6TB) while the disk properties mention that 850GB are occupied while the rest is free. Screenshot 2020-08-27 at 22.09.23

If there is nothing to do I will leave it as it is, it is just a huge waiste as, from what I understood from the past messages the rest of the network sees my node as full while in reality 750GB would still be available.


make node restart, then it will recheck space used, but it takes time.

Hello Vadim,
it has been like this since november 2019. Trust me I have restarted the computer and the node during the last 10 months a few times. :smiley:

Actually @Alexey already answered to me in the first posts, so it is not correct to bother him again with such topic. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for reading me.

Try to do:

  1. Stop the storagenode
  2. Rename the piece_spaced_used.db
  3. Execute with sqlite3:
sqlite3 F:\StorjShareV3\piece_spaced_used.db

When you see a sqlite> prompt, execute script:

CREATE TABLE versions (version int, commited_at text);
CREATE TABLE piece_space_used (
                                                total INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
                                                content_size INTEGER NOT NULL,
                                                satellite_id BLOB
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_piece_space_used_satellite_id ON piece_space_used(satellite_id);
  1. Start the storagenode
  2. Check logs
  3. Check the dashboard