Thetatoken offers Video Api

Thetatoken is now offering an API for encoding video.
This seems to be similar to the initial idea of Videocoin which Storj had partnered with in the past:

Now this is the Theta Video API page and as we can see their example is hosted on AWS S3:

It should be easy to use Storj DCS as video source. So maybe it is again an interesting suggestion to get into a partnership with them as it has been proposed here and here. Maybe even more as it seems that Videocoin somehow did not take off so successful as hoped.

@bre I don’t know if Storj has been trying to get in contact with them in the past, but maybe the development on their side is worth another try? They seem to move rapidly forward and Storj DCS as source storage for their content delivery and video encoding network might be a nice fit.


Thank you @jammerdan :slight_smile:
I’ve passed this on internally.

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Looking for contacts at Thetatoken as we can help them remove a web web2 solution from their tech stack.



Thanks @jammerdan, will be reaching out to them soon.