Thinking to do SN on Zgemma SatBox ARMv7

Hi there,

Does someone had a luck to install docker/storj on:
Linux zgemmah9s 4.4.35 #1 SMP Thu Nov 26 18:00:00 UTC 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux
This is small sat box with ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l) like rpi v3 but Linux distro is different than raspbian.

Any advice?

if you can install docker, it’ll likely work (and if it has at least 200MB ram left for the storagenode)

MiB Mem : 951,1 total, 604,6 free, 216,7 used, 129,8 buff/cache
yep we have 200Mb ram :smiley:

Installing docker might be tricky as there is no package for this…

and there is no other distro?
you could try building docker from source but that’s probably not vey easy.

But, you don’t need docker. You can try the native linux binary if it works on your distro (just make sure to download the latest files):

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This looks very promising :wink:

Will update you soon.

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Working perfectly on my zgemma sat box… :grin:
Box has only USB2…

I have access to about 200 sat boxes, I’ll start testing it with sat boxes soon with 5TB 2.5" drives…

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Beware, these drives are probably SMR drives…

Depending on your setup, the number of nodes you have and the network activity, this might become a problem.

(Well… These days any SMR drive can take the load coz’ things are quiet… Too quiet… But Hopefuly things will change in the future and when this happens, SMR drives will show their real faces :ghost:)

Sure I’m aware that this drives are SMR, I’ll setup a few nodes to test it, for a few pounds extra I can get warranty replacement for 5yr and data recovery if drive will fail. So it might be worth to try.

Alright then :slight_smile:

Why not if it’s cheap. When they’re struggling with Storj activity though, they don’t “fail”. They simply can’t keep up so the warranty won’t do a thing in this particular case. Also, check if the warranty still applies above a certain amount of data written per year: Some disks are simply not designed to write much, and they usually do monitor that (via SMART). They might not accept to replace a disk if it proves to have been used in conditions it was not designed for.

Just saying :slight_smile:

additional warranty is covered by external company, good to know, I’ll check it

One of my 8TB smr storj test node fail with Storj activity…