Third node on a machine does nothing

Hi, I am trying to run my third node on the same machine, there is no disk activity and I cannot access the dashboard for this node. I do not know what’s going on. Could you help me?

The machine is an athlon 3000g 2 cores 4 threads. I am running it on docker and ubuntu 20.04. I have successfully confirmed my identity and the ports are open.

sudo docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --stop-timeout 300
-p 28969:28967
-e WALLET=0x…
–mount type=bind,source=/home/storjworker/Escritorio/identitystorj2,destination=/app/identity
–mount type=bind,source=/mnt/d83dc676-5691-4416-bdb6-7798cf34ad31,destination=/app/config
–name storagenode2 storjlabs/storagenode:latest

did you have a look at the logs ?
You can try to redirect them to a file:

restart your node and see what it says.

Thanks for answer. There is nothing written to the disk for the third node, there is no activity when I run the node, the disk works fine although it has some bad sectors. I don’t have the config.yaml file or any other

I think that you can run it without the -d and it’ll show the error in the terminal, I’m not sure though.

CutieePie, I’m sorry, I don’t understand the first question you ask me. I’m a casual docker and linux user. Can you explain it to me?

My first node is called storagenode0 so the third one is called storagenode2

The mount point is correct, it has not given me any mount error or any other in the execution of the node. This type of mount I have used in the other nodes without problem, it is the one that Linux assigns me to run at startup. I could try with a manual montage

I have changed the mount point and have the same problem.

without -d this error appears

Error: Error starting master database on storagenode: group:
— stat config / storage / blobs: no such file or directory
— stat config / storage / temp: no such file or directory
— stat config / storage / garbage: no such file or directory
— stat config / storage / trash: no such file or directory

@Eddyworker no problem, casual docker and linux user is fine :slight_smile:

1 - Did you run the setup command, to generate the config ?

docker run --rm -e SETUP="true" \
    --mount type=bind,source="/home/storjworker/Escritorio/identitystorj2",destination=/app/identity \
    --mount type=bind,source="/mnt/d83dc676-5691-4416-bdb6-7798cf34ad31",destination=/app/config \
    --name storagenode2 storjlabs/storagenode:latest

If not please run it :slight_smile:

Now the config.yml file appears

that is a terrible name is that like a disk serial or something… lol
not all file systems are very happy with long names and remember storj is also a pretty deep folder
not saying thats the issue… just saying on some systems using names like that to often could get you in trouble with filesystem limitations.

aside from that… how do you check if it’s right… its hell to read and to verify it one basically have to copy it to a place where one has the original or like use a smartphone next to it to compare…

terrible naming scheme, tho ofc if it is a disk serial or whatever gpt id and you usually does this kind of stuff then i guess it’s fine… but for most people this isn’t making things easier on themselves.

It is the one that ubuntu has assigned me when activating the boot mount. I assume it is a gpt id as you say. I know it’s long but it hadn’t been a problem for me. The machine is used only for storj. I will try to simplify my work in the future. Now is mnt / storj2

Now I can run the mode without problems. I’m confused. Why weren’t necessary files and folders created before?

thank you very much CutieePie

thats a great idea, please throw it in this direction…

I see, I just read it in documentation. I have simply repeated what I did with the other nodes. I didn’t expect there to be any changes. Thanks again