Token and Identity


Have a few questions about setting up SN in bulk:

  1. Is it possible to use same token to create multiple identities?
  2. Is it possible to use one identity on multiple storage nodes on different hosts / IP address?

How does the interaction between token, identity and SN works?

1 token - N identity - N Storage Node?
1 token - 1 identity - 1 storage node?

No and No.
One Token creates one identity that you can use on exactly one node.

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Thanks for the answer kevink. I guess I’ll just have to setup several emails to get another token.

Please, take a look on:


I want to create a second node, its in another location, has a different connection and different external IP. Can I use the same key that was sent by email to generate a second identity?



Keys can not be used more then once.
To setup a new server you need to apply for a new one.

Why can’t people use the search… This question has been answered a hundred times.


sorry for asking this (already answered question) I got a little excited, I have already installed everything required on my second server, now waiting for the approval.

can i make on one email more than one indetity? first one signd and working, want make more nodes, can i use same mail for new one?

you can request another auth token now with the same email address. However, unless you already claimed the last token you had previously requested to run a node, you would not get a new token but the same one again. So first finish signing the identity and bringing one node online before you request another auth token with the same email. In any case, it is not going to get you more data if you start running multiple nodes on the same IP and location. Best to wait with starting a second node until the first is almost full.

i want to start it on other location

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Ok so just request a new auth token then.

I know all issues about running more nodes under one IP, however I decided to run second node, I tried to make new identity, but I received some error (below), did I get it right? that I have to delete first identity from original location? I got it already in different folder.

2019-12-03T19:47:29.191+0100 INFO running on version v0.26.3
2019-12-03T19:47:29.195+0100 FATAL Unrecoverable error {“error”: “CA certificate and/or key already exists, NOT overwriting!”, “errorVerbose”: “CA certificate and/or key already exists, NOT overwriting!\n\tmain.cmdNewService:121\n\\n\\n\*Command).execute:826\n\*Command).ExecuteC:914\n\*Command).Execute:864\n\\n\tmain.main:84\n\truntime.main:203”}

You have made the new identety to the same folder as the first node you made. Make the output to another folder and i think it should work

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thank you,
doesn’t matter where I am trying to create, still same,…I must doing something wrong…any advices how to create 2nd identity on machine?

you cannot use the same identity for two nodes. You need to request a new auth token for the second node and use it to sign a new identity for the second node.

I did , I got new one, butI get this error after first command “identity_windows_amd64.exe create storagenode”

Ok so the problem appears to be that you are attempting to run multiple nodes with the windows GUI. This is currently not possible.

This comand will create indentity to folder
if you already created befor, then in that map there is files, rename ther Indentity folder to indentity1 problem wil be solved, new one will be in map Indentety


thanks to all, Vadim is right, I had to remove “old one” identity