Totals say 0$, why?

Hi, im new node operator. Started about 2 weeks ago.
My node hold allready around 300 GB of data.
My node is between 40% to 94% vetted depending on Satellite.

Here’s my April earnings: 11 cents payout and 32 cents Held back.

Now this is my May earnings:

Obviously i made no payout yet.

My problem is that my April earnings are not included in total held amount or in total earned or undistributed payout.

Should i be worried about it? is it normal? Is any action necessary?

I would love to continue running node as its a great option to cover electricity cost of my home server but will i be able to payout if total earned say 0$?




Until the monthly payment process is run (between the 1st and 14th of the following month) the node dashboard is not fully up-to-date.

Only if you meet the minimum payout amount, or select zksync.