Town Hall Q3 2021 today!


We’ve pre-recorded this quarter’s town hall and it will premier at 1pm EDT today, Wednesday October 20th. There will be a written Q&A posted to the blog in November 2021, so feel free to post your questions on the video.

Topics We’ll Cover

Executive Summary: Review of Q3 2021 achievements and highlights of what to expect in coming months.

Storj DCS & Network Update: An overview of engineering, and details about our roadmap for the rest of the year and into 2022.

Token Flows & Balances Report: A summary of our token usage for Q3 2021, followed by the actual report posted to our blog.

Community: Updates on Node Operator and network growth, Open Development process, and a thank you to our community for their contributions.

Hear from Storj leaders about everything we’ve got going on, from news to announcements, and everything in between.

Ben Golub - Executive Chairman & CEO

John Gleeson - Vice President of Operations

Katherine Johnson - Chief People & Legal Officer, Head of Compliance

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The link to the video is already included in the announcement if you click on “video” but thanks. You may have received an email containing a link to an old townhall video, please ignore and go to the live stream we posted here.

If you have questions and are unable to post them on the video stream, please send them to
We apologize for the inconvenience. Town Hall is live now.

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Has the 1099 tracking of SNO’s been raised with SNO’s previously or is this something new?


Thank you @nerdatwork! Very much appreciated.

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Interesting read… What about US citizens outside the US? My understanding is they are still required to pay US tax so I’m not sure how I see the ip range as being the determining factor.
I know a Canadian on the Sohar project got taxed on the vehicle his company provided to get around Oman.

US Persons are always obliged to file US taxes regardless of their country of residence. When in doubt, please consult with your tax accountant.

Please use the flowchart under the “Does this apply to me?” section of the blog post referenced above to confirm that SNOs that are US owned (meaning owned by a US person or company) and earn more than $600 in a calendar year will always have to provide the form 1099 details.