Traffic Monitoring tool

Hello, new to storj

What’s your recommened traffic monitoring tool for your node?

My nodes are
Node1: raspberry pi 3 B+ | 200/200 Fiber | 1Tb HDD

Node2: raspberry pi 4 4Gb | 35/35 Fiber | 2Tb HDD

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I use this exporter: Prometheus Storj-Exporter
with prometheus and a grafana dashboard.
Additionally I use netdata (also with prometheus) to get additional information about the device (like RAM usage, …)

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Could you provide some screenshots of the results?

Thank you!


btw the dashboard is a slightly modified version from what you find on github.

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i generally just use netdata, to give me a ton of perspective on what the system is doing… and then the SNOboard, but then again with only one node running i don’t really need much more…
oh yeah and the proxmox os builtin graphs.

the Prometheus and grafana does look very useful, wouldn’t mind having that storage used graph…

ofc always so many other projects to deal with… pretty sure i will be trying that out some time in the future.

whats up with the audit score on the primary node?
on one screen shot it seems to be at 90% and on the other it seems like its 98%
is that from the one corrupted file… or did you accumulate more?

98% is average of all satellites. 90% is on satellite stefan-benten. Did a GE there and Audit score dropped afterwards, was a bug at the time. Of course it didn’t change anymore afterwards since GE was done.

yeah it’s actually quite easy. maybe I’ll make a how-to some day… you’re not the only one who asked/would be interested… and it’s actually just 3 docker containers and one config file…