Truenas Scale, QUIC misconfigured after 30 minuts, i just restart?

Hi, I’m using TrueNAS-SCALE-, and I installed the Storj app, configured everything, and everything was going great. However, today I restarted my PC to install an SSD to use in L2ARC, but after turning the PC back on, something went wrong. At first, everything seems fine, the Node Dashboard is online and QUIC is enabled, but there is almost no data transmission (this was not the case before). After about 30 minutes, QUIC changes to Misconfigured. Port 28967 is open, I was using DNS, but since my IP is fixed I changed it to the IP but the same thing happens. Has anyone experienced something like this and know how to solve this problem? Thanks.


I disabled some services that are no longer needed, such as NFS and SMB, restarted the Storj app, and now it’s been over an hour without QUIC dropping, everything seems to be fine. However, in the Node Dashboard the Bandwidth Utilization seems stuck! In TrueNAS monitoring, the data traffic is very low, close to 0, with some sporadic peaks of 10mb. Does anyone know if this behavior is normal after a Storj Service restart? Because before the restart, the traffic was very high.

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The usage depends on the customers, not a hardware, so any behavior is normal, just make sure it’s online and has free space (otherwise it would serve only egress, i.e. downloads by the customers or repair/audit workers).

Satellites also have cache, if your node was detected as offline, they likely removed it from their cache and your node become a usual (not “hot”) node - the node selection is random by its nature.
The other fact which could affect the node selection is your node vetted or not.
Each new node must be vetted, while unvetted it can receive only 5% of the customers uploads (will be changed to 1% soon) until got vetted. To be vetted on one satellite the node should pass 100 audits from it. For the one node in the same /24 subnet of public IPs it should take at least a month (if more than one such node it could be longer).
You may check the vetting status: How to identify vetted status?


Thanks for information!

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