Two months without load

Hi guys, I’m forced to open a post because I don’t know what’s wrong with my node.
My node is two months that load 10gb the next day they are missing, the node is about 15 months old, it is running on windows 10, it has 4.45 tb loaded of 21.5.

I have tried to check the logs but I have not found a way to do it, I am quite a newbie, I managed to mount the node last summer and since then it has not given any problem until a couple of months ago, I hope you can help me, thanks.

Is your node on latest version?

Yesss version 1.44.4

windows node version is now 1.45 maybe something is off with how early it turns off ingress.
that stuff hasn’t been to well calibrated for a while, even tho it does seem to have gotten better.
but still
i would recommend updating to 1.45 and see if that fixes it.
always try to easiest solutions first :smiley:
and when ingress stops its almost always, that the node version is behind.
ofc you should make sure that your audit, suspension and online score is close to 100%

tho i guess if its been the same for 2 month’s it sounds really weird…
afaik / remember a node should get ingress unless if its suspended or behind in version.

Hello @SirDavos ,
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Please, search for errors in your logs:
I also would recommend to check your databases too:

Ok, first thank you very much for your answers, this is complicated for me but I will try.

I will try to update the version, then I will try to check with sqlite, for now I paste in powershell to look for errors in the log and it has returned this.

C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log:7383439:2020-10-02T16:16:32.324+0200 ERROR piecestore download failed {“Piece ID”:
“error”: “write tcp> wsasend: Se ha forzado la interrupción de una conexión existente por el host remoto.”,
“errorVerbose”: “write tcp> wsasend: Se ha forzado la interrupción de una conexión existente por el host remoto.\n\t*Stream).pollWrite:224\n\\n\*Stream).RawWrite:272\n\

Whatever is wrong on my part, do not hesitate to tell me, I know that I still have a long way to go.
Thanks again guys.

This error just a simple communication error. I would like to recommend to reboot your router to see, can it solve this issue.
It also make me wonder - is your node online?

Updated version 1.45.3

I just reset my router, these days I have been very busy and I have not been able to get to work with the node.

I have looked at it and everything is the same, it is loaded at 4.45tb and then 4.44tb the next day. Everything remains the same, I’m going to get to work on it this week.

Yes Alexey, the node is always online, it is very strange, I will check the database disk as you told.

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Incredible, my node is fixed, it has fixed itself, I have been very busy and I have not been able to touch anything, yesterday I looked and my node is updated to version 1.47.3, I think the update has fixed the problem, it has jumped from 4.45 at 4.74TB. :joy: :joy:

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