Unable to access my dashboard on raspberry pi

Hosted a node yesterday. Im able to see that it is online using “sudo docker ps -a” but im unable to access the dashboard because it’s saying ‘can’t find address’ when I use the ip:14022. Is there any other way to get the dashboard? Below is a pic to show that it’s online from terminal

Please help!!!

you need to forward the ports in your docker start command

Thanks for helping but Im still confused. During the configuration, we were asked to put the external IP address. Is it the same with the my IP address or has it changed because I changed the port number on my router?
Again, is my raspberry pi address the same with my node address?

Thanks again.

You should configure an DDNS as external ip if your ip changes on reconnect. Thats needed because your node have to communicate with the storj sattelites.
In your local LAN you can reach your node via your local ip and port.
Please Read the Wiki carefully, everything is explained there

If you are trying to access your dashboard from another machine on your network, you need to change the port argument in your docker run command.

Change -p
to -p 14002:14002

The default only allows access to the dashboard from the host.

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ADDRESS should contain your external address with port. If your public IP is not static, you need to configure DDNS: Port Forwarding - Node Operator and use the DDNS address instead of public IP.

To have an access to your web-dashboard it’s better to use this tutorial: How to remote access the web dashboard - Node Operator

If you want to have an access only from your LAN, you can also use this guide or remove from the port mapping for dashboard’s port, as suggested by @baker
I would not recommend to forward this port though - you will expose your private information to the whole internet.

The other way to have a secure access to your dashboard is to use [Tech Preview] Multinode Dashboard Binaries

You can also use a CLI dashboard: Dashboard - Node Operator

Running node != Online node. The node is online only when satellites can see it.
The Uptime on dashboard indicates only how long the storagenode running since the last restart, not how long it was online.