Understanding Trust Levels in Discourse

Curious about what the trust levels on your account mean? Check out this breakdown!

Trust levels help combat spam effectively, as damage requires involvement. As you browse threads and demonstrate that you’re a good actor, you will quickly notice that your access and abilities on the forum rise. (Plus, badges!)

By default, all new users will have a trust level of zero, and will not be able to create new topics, post images or attachments, and other things that might be spammy.

User trust levels are a way of…

  • Sandboxing new users in the community so that they cannot accidentally (or intentionally!) hurt themselves, the forum, or other users while they are learning what to do.
  • Granting experienced users more rights so that they can help maintain and moderate the community they generously contribute so much of their time to.

All you have to do is spend some time looking around before you make your first post. To be more specific, you need to spend a few minutes looking at existing topics, reading posts, and just generally looking around . The threshold is actually quite low, so it shouldn’t take long at all.

For a more expansive description of Trust Levels check out this post by the Discourse team. We are using slightly customized levels than the ones they use, but similar.


there is a limit for day 1 users of like a couple or 10 answers… that often turns into a limitation when trying to help new users to the forum, the discussion starts and then before the problem is solved the new user is muted for 24 hours…

not sure if it’s 24 hours or just until the next day, but if it is 24 hours you could be sitting up late at night joining the forum to fix a problem, get muted before you got your answer and then because you had to get up for work, you might not want to stay up late, so you end up being away without a solution for maybe 36hours, duno if that the case, but it needs to be taken into consideration when setting the time limit, that it shouldn’t be 24 hours atleast… 12,16 max maybe (not sure it’s 24 hours tho)

the limit should be raised, at the very least past 25 replies and maybe up towards 50
i think would be more reasonable… i know it maybe to avoid spamming and such… but it does also make it problematic to provide quick support to new users at times…

another option could be a more clear shorter time limit… let say 10 replies / comments an hour… or whatever… so that people can atleast get help in an orderly fashion.

aside from that i think the trust level 3 requirements are a bit high and could be considered something where many or some would just apply a bot to make sure that trust level 3 is maintained.

if it cannot do everything the it can surely do 95% of the requirements, thus the requirements would mainly be excluding the people that may not have the time to fill these rather extensive demands.

this would then do that honest and good for the community voices will slip down to trust level 2 while bot runners that in many cases might not give a … will keep their trust level 3 with ease…

seems a bit counter productive… lvl 2 is like burping while looking and the screen and lvl 3 is basically a job.

but yeah i duno just voicing my view on it… anyways the first part should really get fixed, it would help a lot of new users.

You as no anyone else should know, that you can give any needed details in the one long post.
You also can edit it several times to add details. Do not convert the troubleshooting to the chat-like experience, even if that possible.
As much details you would give - the simpler a solution.

I think there should be a max limit of chars what do you say? :wink:

The first maybe 50chars I can stand to read but the other 15000 I don’t even bother anymore…I mean 2000 chars… when looking from a phone I feel like I’m reading a book every post.


it’s when somebody makes a new account, they will get a few comments and then they cannot make more… it’s not rare that people run into that… happened to me when i made my account and i’ve seen it happen to somebody else a little while back.

in both cases it wasn’t really time critical, but at one point somebody will lose a node because of it…

not sure if going back an editing posts when stuck in that mode will work… maybe…

how much can one really say with 50 chars :smiley: maybe in Chinese…

Well it’s enough to know if im gonna keep reading or not… :slight_smile:

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Yes the forum is training people to explain the problem in one post instead of dozen. The chat-like experience is a bad behavior. Such a long conversation cannot be used by other people with the similar problem, because the situation is spread across dozen small posts mixed with answers from different users.

But they can edit or delete old posts.

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how is being delayed 24 hours from commenting training, when it only happens once and only to new users that actually come looking for help, that is absurd…

if i was to hazard a guess it would be to ward against bots of some kind… maybe, but that doesn’t make much sense either… :smiley: but i’m not that well informed on bots… maybe some of the spam bots doesn’t work if there is a delay… or thats my guess

doesn’t make sense either… so you want most likely multiple people communicating in the same place deleting what they said, meanwhile having more people in the future maybe joining in and having no idea how they got to the point they are…

tho i’m sure the feature is there for good reason… but still it does seem to get in the way of new people looking for help on occasion…

You do not need to wait for 24 hours to edit your post and give more information.
There are several reasons. Bots, spammers, chatters and so on.

The intention was to force novice to create a one post with all needed information instead of gives it in small portions - one by one post.
The novice should be aware about that if they read enough posts or at least used the search (this is another one reason - we already have tons of duplicated posts)

And would that notify the other person that the post was edited (like when I get mentioned, quoted or somebody replies to my post)? Or would the new user also have to send a PM “I have edited my post”?

I think you will be notified only if you author of the post.
What I mean - edit a top post, not the post in the thread.

Still, does the other person need to constantly check the top post for edits or would he be notified that the post was edited?

(For example, if I edited my previous post to include the above question, would you be notified or would you have to constantly check that post for changes?)

EDIT: I know about the notifications about replies, but are you notified about an edit?

I’m notified because you answer to my post. Also, the thread itself will keep a number unread posts for you. So, if you tracking the thread you will see that there something changed. When you enter to the thread, you will be put to the last read post and see a blue circle near the date, it will disappear when you read the post.

You also can subscribe to the thread to have a notification for any action in the thread.

Would you have noticed my additional question in my previous post without me creating a new post to inform you about it?

When you reply to my post, I get a “1” indicator and if I do not react to it for a while, I get an email.

I don’t think I would get any notification if you were to edit your post.

I don’t think so. I just see changes (because I do not watching, only tracking). I saw you message as a notification, but not editing.
If someone need an urgent help - they can use a support.storj.io though.
On the forum they still can read other threads and in 99.99% cases can find an answer.

So, that’s the downside then - no notification. Assuming that the new user does not know what information he needs to provide, there’s going to be a chat-style conversation, even if it is done using edits (EDIT 5 - REPLY to xyz EDIT 3), but edits do not produce notifications.

This is why you first need to read some topics - you will gain the next level pretty fast in this case.
If you come and start the conversation without a search - it will have limitations.

To gain level 1:

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I do not know - maybe this is already done - but then this has to be very clearly written for the new user and not hidden somewhere.

I don’t even know how to find the list you posted on this site. I mean if I was a new user, how would I know that?

You didn’t remember? Did you have such limitations?

I joined this forum a long time ago (so, if there was a notice about the limits, I do not remember it, that’s why I asked :slight_smile: ) and I probably met the requirements for reading topics without trying, just reading them out of interest. Then again, when I joined this “new” site, the chat, at the time I had no problems with my node and just wanted to try this out, because old chat was going to be shut down soon.