Unofficial Chinese community for Storj enthusiasts! | storj node monitoring platform

Hello everyone
I’ve been involved in storj
I also know many partners from China
After a period of preparation
Our storj Chinese community is online

No offence to use storj domain name
I have applied to the official kickout
If I can’t be authorized to use
I will change to another domain name

Here, we specially provide storj’s Chinese information for users who are not familiar with English
Let’s talk about storj, and I’ll try my best to help you get rid of the problem
Our storj node monitoring platform is also online
No permission is required for your node
We just grab the information of your node
It can help you monitor all storj nodes
Screenshot of monitoring platform ↓
He supports Chinese + English

There are too many deficiencies in the community and monitoring platform
I hope you can give me some advice
I will try to do better

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Sporj changed to storj
Then register the email verification code
Under revision
About 10 minutes
It’s our fault
Sorry for the inconvenience

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Domain name can be changed
I’m also applying

Do we need to open access of dashboard to external ip, or install some local monitoring soft?

You only need to add the panel that can be accessed by your external network
IP / domain name = port
Example: or

it is extrymly dangerius to open your dashboard to external network

How else to monitor?
If the script is installed on your node to monitor
Isn’t it more dangerous?
If the permission is obtained by hackers, your machine will be supervised by others
External access to the web is more secure, without the permission of your node

precompiled software is better solution, that will post to you data. Also script will just post dashboard data to your web also more secure.

If you need to install the software on your node machine
Then send the data to the monitoring platform for unified management
Don’t you worry about the backdoor?
However, monitoring the web is a good way to temporarily centralized monitoring
Of course
If there is a better way in the future
I’m going to use it, too


Because this network is not just for me to use
It’s publicly available
So, installing software, backdoor is a serious problem
Not everyone will trust me
What’s more, once the platform is hacked, all your nodes will be in danger
When monitoring the web, even if my platform is hacked, there is no way to get the permission of your node machine
That’s safe
He just knows your node IP, and he wants to attack all nodes, which is a very difficult thing to do

if you wold have fix IP then can open only external ip to your external ip it more secure.
I use my made application to monitor. it is on Github all can see the code.

if soft just make HTTP post to you it not posible to send something back, as there is no connection back and all the time.

For programmers who can program
Just write a monitoring software
But more
Users of many nodes are not familiar with software operation and programming
So, I am more to provide them with a practical and free public monitoring platform

You can’t assume that everyone can program just because you can program
Among the partners I know in storj’s Chinese community
Over 80% of them can’t program
Some don’t even know how to install nodes, apply for tokens and so on
Can’t generalize
I can do it
That’s all

Storj is already working on below features.

Create Dashboard for Multi node operators
Make the dashboard responsive
Browse Node Stats from previous periods


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Official words
That would be better.

if you provide fix ip then people can NAT dashboard only to your IP, then it will be much more secure.

hi folks – happy (upcoming) new year!
I DMd pony already. Just adding a few thoughts to the group conversation:

Its great to see activity happening in China
The name “storj” in domain is confusing, and should be changed. (our lawyers would not like it)
It great to see youre thinking about tools to help!
We also need to be sure that such tools never result in compromised security or privacy
My role is to help – lets talk about ways to make Storj more adopted and popular in China!!


Community tools like this are awesome!

But the wording in this announcement feels a bit off. I would advise to always make it abundantly clear this is a community built website and not affiliated with Storjlabs.

These as well as the use of the word officially all seem to suggest this is an official site. You’ll want to avoid that confusion.
I also share @Vadim’s worry about the security of encouraging people to open the API port to the outside internet.

That said, I like the stuff you done with it. Useful information and graphs.