Update on satellite.stefan-benten.de Satellite Payout Data on the SNO Dashboard

Hey Everyone!

Now that we have paid back all of the held amounts for the satellite.stefan-benten.de Satellite it is going to be shut down in 5 days. This means you will only be able to see the payment data for your node on this satellite for the next 5 days. All other satellite payment data will NOT be affected and you will continue to be able to see that data whenever you would like.

We would like to urge everyone to take one final look at your payment data on the SNO dashboard for the satellite.stefan-benten.de Satellite.


Is the data stored for that satellite deleted from all nodes in the network?

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@brandon since this payout information is stored in the nodes own databases, are you saying it will be removed from those databases?

The data that was hold by the satellite is or should be deleted.

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This topic should definitely be pinned then, because in 6 days there will be a lot of confused/upset people finding their way to the forums. 5 days seems like a short notice in my opinion. Especially considering how much hold back this sat accrued for many long term SNOs.

Shutdown as killed, or shutdown to be repurposed?

Are we supposed to be getting 50% held back repaid or 100% repaid on the satellite.stefan-benten.de Satellite?

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Whatever was “held” is returned since payouts are already sent out?

My dashboard is showing $21 held by stefan, after payouts. Was $42 before with $21 returned. I got 50% back, which I happened to be owed anyway as it’s in month 16. Hence my question/confusion about the satellite shutdown procedure - whether the ‘held’ amounts were being returned at 50% or all of it (100%)

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In that case you should file a support ticket. Mention your node id and all the details pertaining to your issue.

This is why I completed GE the other month to get full payout and didn’t want to wait for this to happen.

I don’t understand any of this … Theoretically, everything returned from the satellite, and on the node’s dashboard still Held Returned = 0 …

Who should I believe - you or the computer?

It looks to me like the satellite didn’t report the payout of held amount back to the nodes.

It just happens to be the month I got held amount back from europe-west-1 as well so you can see how it should show up.

That said, it was definitely paid out to me as I received about $177 (This includes around $10 from 2 smaller nodes I have). So it may just be missing in the reporting, but it was included in the payout.

If you are in urgency to see a held amount on the dashboard, you can restart the storagenode or wait for 24h until it would refresh itself


Thank you. I added up all of the amounts across my nodes and found that the “missing” $21 was indeed included in the payout. Interestingly for a smaller node where stefan was at 13 months the dashboard is reporting the correct amount of held repaid. On the node where it happened to coincide with the normal return month it was reported incorrectly. Naive of me to assume that I could rely on the dashboard :slight_smile:

It’s included in the payout of September, although already paid.

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Interesting, do you have a source on this?

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What do you mean? I’ve just seen it in the web dashboard and in your earnings calculator. Might be a mistake on Storj’s side.

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I mean you can at best conclude that it’s not included in the data for August based on the earnings calculator and dashboard. Paystub data for September won’t be available until next month. So I was asking how you knew it would be included for September? But I think that was an assumption.

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