Update Proposal for Storage Node Operators - Open for Comments

Better to charge by GB and forget about small files. Similar to R2. It would be $0.15/gb over 10gb even if the data is over by 1mb with R2. Don’t see an issue with that. Storing 1000 small files at 100mb but paying for 1gb isn’t an issue for anyone.

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The problem is that because of the design of the system, Storj has to pay GCP (or similar) egress costs because that’s where the satellites are. They can never offer anything less with the current design without losing money.

There are other distributed providers that can allow consumers to connect directly to the nodes (or nearly so, definitely not with GCP egress costs as Storj is today) which is the game changer you’re alluding to.

I was hoping this discussion would move to a protocol evolution enabling this distributed network, but it seems to just move the prices.


By GCP do you mean Google Cloud Platform? In that case that would be the highest egress costs in the market.

I think for video fast working from storj, we need to allow clients gateways(client side) to buffer metadata of files that it own and update it time to time, so client side just can start directly download files very fast, not waiting satellite response, i think this technology will significantly lower time to video start.


Hello @2bluesc,
Welcome to the forum!

The general traffic is going directly between nodes and the customers. Satellite is an address book, auditor, repair and payment processor.

So egress costs from compute provider applies only to upload of repair traffic.


Hey @what, welcome to the forum! These are great thoughts and ideas you are having.

Unfortunately, we don’t really like price discussions that are rooted in reality and not in a future rainbow fantasyland. We node operators spend thousands of dollars for hardware during the great subsidies period and need to make up for these upfront costs. According to us node operators, you are also forgetting the most important facts:
STORJ is faster, better, cheaper, greener, more reliable, and geo-redundant for free! It basically is the best S3 provider this world has ever seen. That is also the reason why in the not-so-distant future, our centralized S3 will be the backbone for the decentralized Web 3.0! So why are there no customers you may ask. Simple, first of all, STORJ does a bad job marketing our awesome product to these thick users and companies. It is also still early! Remember, Amazon and Uber also started small. Another problem is that STORJ is too cheap and because of that customers think it has no value. We should raise prices to 20$ for storage and egress. It would be a win-win, customers will finally ditch the inferior AWS S3, and I could get my back my hardware investment.

Btw I tried Storj last night using a video I got from Steam games store. And I mean it got absolutely wiped by CF CDN

That is probably because you are holding it wrong. Remember, STORJ is the best product the world has ever seen. It can’t be beaten by CF. You probably did something wrong. Let me guess, you used the defaults? Then it is your fault, you should have asked @Dominick in this forum for tuning recommendations. Otherwise, this is clearly your fault!

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Hey man, I understand that you are frustrated, but this isn’t helping anything. I think it is kinda obvious things can be improved, and that Storj could be a little bit more transparant.

But I think we should also kinda accept that the situation we are currently in is just what it is due to decisions in the past. Maybe you are right with your suggestions. But changing the whole system at once is also a huge risk of people leaving the network. The one thing that is most important for Storj is not lose any data. That would rip their reputation apart. A sudden leave of operators could leave the whole system very vulnerable, a risk that maybe Storj couldn’t take according to their risk modelling.

I would also like to see more presence of Storj on this forum on the what and why they are doing things. Because from a technological interest, but also because I am interested in the future of this product. And if I, as a node operator, fit in that future.

I interpret your post as frustration about a product that you are interested in, otherwise you would’nt take the effort in reading the posts and express your ideas. But I don’t think people take posts more serious if they are so sarcastic.

Sorry for not minding my own business :man_shrugging:t2:


Hey @pietjebell! Your interpretation is semi-right.

I’m not. I have no horse in this race. I used an unused, old 8TB external SMR HDD as a test for one year. It died (not because of SMR :wink:) and went into the trash. I’m not angry but amused. Re-read my post, but this time don’t imagine someone angry but someone who makes fun of a religion.

That is 100% true. The basic idea of a decentralized storage platform based on UNUSED resources is very interesting. Like, it is an interesting mind game, not something I would bet money on. I also like to write to improve my English, because I am not a native speaker.

This is where I disagree. What I see in the Crypto space is a lot of young people who dream of an Insta lifestyle without putting into any work and dreaming of a passive income.
Maybe I can’t persuade someone from investing $ into HDD. But if this goes south, nobody can claim that there were no warning signs. If that happens, hopefully, people will take a deep look into the mirror and not blame it on the usual suspects (Biden, Jews, Global Elite, WEF, Gates, Soros, the list goes on). I think STORJ is a lot better than other projects, thanks to a technological barrier of entry and not being a get-rich-quick scheme.

Which suggestions? I didn’t make any suggestions. I simply wanted to debate claims other users made.

I think humor is by far the best way to reach people. If you are not “allowed” to make fun of your own bubble, you are most likely in a cult.

There is absolutely nothing you need to feel sorry about. You voiced your opinion in a clearly written and respectful way. That is what the internet used to be all about for decades before social media took over :slight_smile:


Is there any update on this? We’re approaching the next payout cycle and node databases still have the original payout information in them. The new payout rates have yet to be reported back. (Adding @littleskunk as well)

I believe it will be deployed shortly. Don’t have an exact time, but the team is working on it.


I would like to add that the deployment itself is most likely not helping that much. I would expect the storage node to copy the current payout rate from the satellite but to my knowledge the storage node dashboard doesn’t care too much. We even removed it from the storage node dashboard because it would show the new value even for old payouts. So we better show no payout rates instead of wrong payout rates. Not a great situation I know.

If we are lucky it will at least make the payout estimation correct. Unfortunalty i wasn’t able to test that. So for now expect the unexpected.


Yeah, current data structure doesn’t allow for reporting of historic payout rates different from the current ones. So I expected as much. Did I remember correctly that I saw someone mention this was being worked on though?

I’m mostly paying attention to this change as I updated my earnings calculator to display the payout rates per satellite and want to verify that I didn’t mess up. :laughing:
But yeah, it will calculate the wrong payout estimate for historic data as well due te the pricing.db not having any sort of historic pricing info. Not much I can do about that right now.

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Too much links to that provider (at least three posts). Are you an ambassador?

Yes, i read that in your first post. Why to give them free ads?
It’s not a decentralised, since all nodes are controlled by the one entity.
I know, in Storj we have at least one entity who stores customers’ metadata in encrypted form, but at least storage is not controlled by that entity.
And i hope we will offer a possibility to backup your metadata and restore it on your own satellite at some point.

I have deleted the posts. Happy now?
Feel free to delete New decentralized storage competitor from Germany? Impossible Cloud as well.
I don’t have permission to delete it.

I did not have any intention to offense you. If I did - I’m sorry, please do not take on your count.
I just didn’t like that you posted the same link in three threads, when the first one was enough.
You may put a link to your post instead next time, it would be much better.
It will get an attention from different circles of people, and do not spread the link as an ad.

So, please, undelete your post and replace the direct link to your post.

As said I made 3 links to specific aspects of their offering for discussion on prupose.

Like HIPPA and GDPR compliance which Storj does not offer.
Like price, which is discussed in the update proposal
And a general info on that startup.

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Yeah, I know, just post a link to your first post, not the direct link, thank you!
It’s a Google search magic, you know…

That will not bring interested users to the specific aspect, so no.

ok, then you can restore your post…