Update to 1.1.1

This is quite funny, my node is now updated to 1.1.1, and it shows in the dashboard, but the notifications still tells me I’m a idiot and should update. I have to “read” the notifications.

Could you show the notification?
I believe it is phrased as

Update your Node to Version v1.1.1: It’s time to update your Node’s software, you are running outdated version v1.0.1

It is - and what should I do?

Nothing. It has arrived before the update.

So you didn’t read what I said? if you can’t provide assistance it in most cases better to not to try to do so

Thank you for your suggestion.
From this I extracted the info, that you received notification to update the 1.1.1 to 1.1.1

But in reality it was

So, this is old notification, not new. This is what I wanted to know.

I have to “read” the notifications.
I guess that not understood

You dont have to do anything you can ignore the red dot and not click it.

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Sure, but then it no longer works as a signal to show you there is something new.


All up to date.


Agreed. If it’s on all the time, and I have to go to “See All” then “Mark All as Read” to clear the red dot then I am going to ignore it and it becomes useless. I know the team is working on improvements, so please take this as constructive criticism.

Changes I would make:

  1. Opening the message tray should mark messages as read without having to navigate to a different page.
  2. Identical update notices shouldn’t repeat, especially if the previous one is “unread”.
  3. Update notices are being sent out too early (I know this is a common complaint)
  4. A nice to have feature would be that the node automatically clears the now irrelevant update notices when the node is updated.

Was the API updated to include the payout info?

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I don’t find any messages about api changes about payments.
I don’t see any bindings in api for payments. What did you do under the carpet, only for your html webui?

You do not respect us, who writes third-party tools for the storj?

7 days into version 1.1.1 - Windows GUI client still has NOT updated.
It’s showing notification of new v1.1.1 version (top right corner) being available but as instructed above - it SHOULD auto-update. The auto-update has not happened for a week now.

So how do I update the Windows GUI node automatically without going into manual hacking? Wait more?

Open the page in chrome, hit F12 to open developer tools, go to the network tab to find all API calls the page makes.
There are no amounts in there from what I can tell. Which suggests that they calculate it based on used storage and bandwidth. You could dig through the source to find out exactly how, but I didn’t feel like going that far. So I’ll leave that part up to you.

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Restart the updater, works on win10

Service “storagenode-updater” was NOT running (although it was set to “Automatically”).
Started the service manually, node finally updated.
Thx for the tip.

Thanks, i found query http://xx/api/heldamount/paystubs/2020-04
But i receive null for all nodes.

Yes, the paystubs table in the database on our nodes is still empty. I think some work needs to be done to backfill that. This is also why the dashboard displays wrong information for anything related to held back amount and there are no historic months available yet. I’m sure that’ll be remedied shortly though.