Updates on Test Data

Some data were overwritten, so it depends on what would happen earlier - TTL or retain.

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The remaining data that was not overwritten will be deleted by TTL for sure.


Hi @littleskunk, do you have some rough date when contract will be signed? It’s important for SNOs to decide expand or not…

No. First of all I am not working in the sales team. If I would be passioned I could ask them to keep me up to date but all I would hear is “tomorrow we have the next call” followed by yet anouther call and so on. It never stops. I do like to hear about the sales process from time to time but this would be too much for me. Keeping it casual means I have enough information to be effective and more time for my real passion…

Second there is no single contract. As far as I know the sales pipeline contains a few good candidates in the 10PB+ range. I don’t know how far in the process they are. I believe with the recent tests we have demonstrated that we can take these customers both in size and in bandwidth. It might be just a question of time until one of them makes the step. I don’t know how much time it will take. Days? Weeks? Months? Again I am not a sales expert. This is a journey for me as well.


Did Storj send you your last monthly payout, and do you control a node with a full HDD? If the answer to both is “yes”, expand.

Keep it simple :wink:

Yes one of my nodes is full → infinit loop, keep expanding :smiley:


yeah, to close the loop we would need a store where we can buy HDDs with STORJ tokens directly :joy:


In the UK i would try here via bitpay ethereum should work at least.

…or just have your STORJ deposit address at crypto.com. 5min after you get your payout you sell the coins to fill their Visa Debit Card… and 5min after that you’re buying cheap HDDs!

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Online checks?

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Did anybody noticed a higher cpu load since this week after continuing the tests? The tests before the “break” where less demanding (in my case).

I don’t think the test uploads have changed. What your node might be running now is garbage collection and that gets more expensive the more pieces you are storing.

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I see pretty much the same CPU load like before the test paused, but i can definitely see a wave pattern since continuation this week.

It maybe possible to do it by a purchased gift cards from BitRefill, but please check the availability for your country.


I believe it was already said that test data is being uploaded as a sin wave pattern
to gather more information, so that is the reason you can see the CPU load increase and decrease periodically as the test data throughput varies thoughout the day.


Storj is waving on us :cowboy_hat_face:


Sounds like you want to see badman instead :smiley:

my waves looks better, because every wave is higher then previous


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