UpdraftPlus wordpress backup failed 0 byte file


I’m trying to back up the wordpress site with UpdraftPlus plugin, and a successful message appears. However, after I checked the backup file in Storj, the file is 0 bytes in size.


Hi @zak
Do you store the files locally on the webserver as well? How large are they showing if you download? I have seen this before where the allocated space is not large enough to allow local storage before upload.


I still have a lot of free space, there is 83 GB of available space, here are the results if I backup locally

db.gz 791.94 KB
others.zip 1.36 MB
plugins.zip 17.12 MB
themes.zip 10.2 MB
uploads.zip 85.13 MB


apparently, the problem is in Filezilla, if I open it in Filezilla using storj grant access, the size is 0 bytes, but if I open it in storj web, the display is correct, as follows

This display issue occurred previously but I can’t find the forum thread. It’s probably worth generating a support ticket so the team can check the metadata on the bucket.

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I found another problem, if I want to restore a backup of Updraftplus that has been uploaded to Storj or want to download it, my Updraftplus plugin hangs, and the CPU usage is very high. It looks like this is related to the size information we discussed earlier

This plugin uses an S3 protocol, so CPU usage is unlikely related to used backend - p2p downloads and decryption are happened server-side.
But it could be possible that this plugin requires a lot of CPU to extract backup.